National Taiwan University announces sale of dozens of electronic and electrical tech patents

Judy Lin, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0

Image Credit: Yu Chen Lin on Unsplash

National Taiwan University (NTU) recently sent out invitations to electrical and electronics industry experts to a "Patent Sale and Foresight Technology Seminar." The event will be hosted in the afternoon of June 19 at the Barry Lam Hall of NTU. In addition to inviting three experts to present their R&D achievements, more than 60 patents on electrical and electronic technologies will be offered for sale.

This is the first time that NTU has sought to attract buyers to participate in patent transactions by means of a seminar, which is a new attempt to revitalize its intellectual property.

Cecilia Liu, a senior patent consultant who has accumulated more than 20 years of related experience, including previous work as a manager at the Patent Management Center of Inventec Appliance Corp (IAC), said that the event aims to share the electronic and electrical technology research findings and forward-looking technology of NTU, and will attract many industry players.

"In the future, if NTU can regularly conduct IP inventory stocking, evaluation, and analysis, and package relevant patents for licensing or sale at an earlier stage in a strategic way and in a well-planned manner, they can effectively and significantly increase the value of the patents," commented Liu.

In order to facilitate industrial innovation and promote technological development, the government has made several legislative efforts in recent years. After the amendment of some provisions of the Civil Service Law in 2022, Taiwan also relaxed the restrictions of the Basic Law of Science and Technology, so that the research personnel includes full-time teachers/professors, full-time researchers, and administrative personnel in public colleges or public research institutions will not be restricted from owning equities from startups that they established as a side business.

Even more so than NTU, the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) are the two institutes in Taiwan that enjoy an especially high reputation for their intellectual property management skills. "They package their research results and technology patents every 3–5 years after obtaining patents, which is more attractive for companies looking for technology transfer sources. If the transaction is successful, it can also generate revenue and give benefit to researchers for future innovation and R&D, which is a win-win approach," said Liu.

In the June 19 seminar, in addition to the introduction of the technology patents to be sold at NTU's Barry Lam Hall for industry-academia cooperation, three professors from NTU's Department of Electrical Engineering will also present their research results. Professor Che Lin will discuss the latest application and development trend of AI-driven financial technology innovation, Professor Yaow-Ming Chen will share the results of net switching technology, and Distinguished Professor Tzi-Dar Chiueh will present the forward-looking technology on how to design neural network in an easy way and transfer it to FPGA chip for execution.