Taiwan's economic & technological cooperation with Lithuania heating up

Bryan Chuang, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Credit: TAITRA

A Lithuanian delegation is visiting research institutes as well as laser technology and biotechnology companies in Taiwan to seek economic and technological cooperation, according to National Development Council (NDC).

Lithuania leads globally in laser technology - an advantage complementary to Taiwan's machinery manufacturing capability, since laser technology is crucial to semiconductor manufacturing equipment, micro LED chips and medical instruments, industry sources said.

Luthuania's Vice Minister of the Economy and Innovation Karolis Zemaitis, the leader of the Lithuanian delegation, indicated that Lithuania has developed laser technology for more than 60 years and, in addition, is internationally competitive in development of pharmaceuticals and vaccine reagents. Lithuania hopes to establish strong economic and technological cooperative relations with Taiwan, Zemaitis noted.

Under the Taiwan government's arrangement, Taiwan Laser Technology Application Association, Taiwan Medical and Biotech Industry Association as well as Taiwan-based enterprises engaged in laser and biotechnology including Contrel Technology, Shuz Tung Machinery Industrial, E&R Engineering and Brain Navi Biotechnology have face-to-face discussed possible cooperation with 15 Lithuania-based companies. In particular, Brain Navi hopes to use laser technology developed by Lithuania-based Light Conversion in developing therapeutic technology of tumors.

Particularly for promoting economic and technological cooperation between Taiwan-based enterprises and enterprises based in Lithuania, Czechia and Slovakia, NDC in January 2022 announced the establishment of Central and Eastern Europe Financing Fund of US$1.0 billion, with government-run Export-Import Bank responsible for execution. NDC recently convened the first cross-ministry meeting to examine projects applying for financing by the fund.