FLITE Material Sciences enables sustainable development of high-precision processing with laser surface functionalization


Canada-based startup FLITE Material Sciences focuses development efforts on two main areas. First, FLITE develops innovative processing techniques and manufacturing technologies that protect and strengthen materials or products. The FLITE product R&D team is especially interested in green and sustainable technologies. Second, FLITE takes an in-depth look into challenges facing the manufacturing sector today and tackles them with enthusiasm and courage, particularly critical challenges that pose risks of loss or damage to corporations and societies.

FLITE looks to commercialize its core technologies developed through specialized R&D strength and join forces with customers to create instantaneous values. In sum, FLITE hopes to develop products and processing techniques that are safer, more durable and more environmentally friendly.

Laser surface functionalization enabling resistance to water, oil and contaminants

In alignment with its development roadmap, FLITE's core business now focuses on laser surface functionalization. Using FLITE's clean and safe laser engineering techniques to improve surface properties of materials and thus enable resistance to water, oil and contaminants, manufacturers can protect their products while furnishing them with anti-dust, anti-fouling, anti-icing and anti-bacterial surfaces with no or reduced use of conventional chemical coating processes and techniques that may have negative environmental effects.

FLITE's laser surface functionalization can also be used to reduce surface roughness and therefore lower the risks of temperature increase resulting from surface friction. It is actively exploring significant contributions to the manufacturing process of applications such as the manufacture of semiconductors, aircraft, and oil and gas products. FLITE expects that the laser engineering field testing and market validation will lead to becoming a trusted and adopted solution in multiple industries. FLITE also licenses its patented laser devices and technologies built on the foundation of its laser engineering to manufacturers or system maintenance service providers with a view to fostering long-term win-win partnerships.

With promising potential for application in high-precision processing, laser surface functionalization drives industrial upgrade

Under the match-making efforts of startup incubator Canadian Technology Accelerator and startup community Garage+, FLITE has reached out to manufacturers in Taiwan and is set to begin closer partnership talks for a few promising applications after the Lunar New Year holidays. If everything goes as expected, FLITE will set up a branch office in Taiwan, which will enable it to not only provide prompt technical support locally but also explore greater and broader partnership opportunities.

As a startup in its early stage of development, FLITE expects to engage in 18 joint development projects by year-end 2021, which span across aerospace, automotive, healthcare, energy and food industries. FLITE looks to expand applications into industrial and urban water systems, marine science and semiconductor manufacturing. It is hoped that FLITE's technology will enable a balance between commercial viability and eco-friendliness and create a win-win situation.