Highlights of the day: Memory pricing downward pressure to extend to 1H21


Oversupply in the memory market is likely to extend downward pricing pressure to the first half of 2021. Memory prices are expected to drop 10% in fourth-quarter 2020. Although demnd for memory products from the PC sector may be flat in fourth-quarter 2020, notebook brand vendors are all-out trying to secure shipments from ODMs to meet strong demand for notebooks in the months ahead. Meanwhile, ASML will soon unveil an EUV technology training center in Taiwan to better serve its major client, TSMC.

Memory prices to fall 10% in 4Q20: Prices of memory chips, including DRAM and NAND flash, are expected to fall 10% sequentially in fourth-quarter 2020 with the downward spiral likely to continue into the first half of 2021 due to oversupply, according to industry sources.

Notebook vendors all-out trying to secure shipments: Notebook brand vendors are resorting to all possible means, such as giving up attempts to lower ODM quotes, as they seek to secure smooth shipments from suppliers to meet increasingly strong demand in the months ahead, according to industry sources.

ASML to set up EUV tech training center in Taiwan: ASML has announced it will set up its first overseas EUV technology training center at Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP), giving a boost to the EUV technology cluster headed by TSMC.