Highlights of the day: Samsung 3nm ambition hindered by pandemic


Samsung and TSMC have been engaged in a fierce race in advancing manufacturing processes, with the Korean foundry aiming to beat its Taiwanese rival to 3nm production. But Samsung may have difficulties moving its 3nm node to volume production in 2021, as the coronavirus pandemic is delaying equipment installation. In China, the outbreak may have eased, but consumer confidence has yet to recover, sending consumer NAND flash prices falling.

Samsung unlikely to move 3nm to volume production until 2022: Samsung Foundry, the foundry operations of Samsung Electronics, has set its goal of moving its advanced 3nm process technology to volume production as early as 2021. But the Korean firm will probably have to reschedule it to 2022, as the coronavirus pandemic's impacts on logistics and transportation services are causing delays to deliveries of EUV and other critical production equipment, according to industry sources.

Consumer NAND flash prices falling in China retail market: NAND flash device prices in China's retail market have started showing weakness, as the coronavirus pandemic is weighing on consumer sentiment and dragging down demand, according to industry sources.