Bank cooperates with research centers for AI application

Yihan Li, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Asia 0

CTBC Bank has signed with AI technology research center and IoX Center - both under National Taiwan University (NTU) - for one-year cooperation for applying AI technology to banking operation.

The cooperation focuses on natural language processing and computer vision, according to CTBC president James Chen. CTBC uses robots to process about half of customers' phone calls and the remaining rely on answers by call center staff, Chen said. CTBC hopes the cooperation can upgrade natural language understanding to induce customers' needs from their conversation, Chen noted.

Natural language processing can be used to interpret what customers say in phone calls and extract key information such as plans to buy real properties or travel abroad, and CTBC can accordingly push precision marketing, Chen indicated, adding that semantic interpretation of customers' complaints can push CTBC to improve services.

CTBC uses much labor in screening news reports regarding anti-money laundering and hopes that AI-based algorithms can quickly screen, synopsize and categorize large numbers of such reports, Chen said.

Computer vision will be used to develop models of recognizing human micro-expressions and emotions and establish related databases, Chen noted. For example, such models can detect customers' impatience of waiting for service and thereby prompt staff members to handle appropriately.