Highlights of the day: Taiwan CIS packagers to merge into heavyweight player


Two major Taiwan-based CMOS image sensor packagers Tong Hsing and Kingpark have agreed a merger deal that will make turn them into one of the world's largest packaging firms for the CIS segment. They are eyeing the smartphone, advanced driving, IoT, IoV, VR and AR markets. For the smartphone market, LPDDR5 is expected to become the mainstream memory for flagship phones in 2020. In China, CPU developers are stepping up efforts rolling out processors, as China has vowed to replace all PCs in use in the government sector with locally-made devices. China-based CPU developer Loongson has recently announced its in-house developed 3A4000 series processors.

Tong Hsing, Kingpak to merge into heavyweight CIS packager in Taiwan: A heavyweight CMOS image sensor (CIS) packaging firm will be born in Taiwan soon, as Tong Hsing Electronic Industries, a handset CIS backend and wafer reconstruction specialist, has announced plans to fully acquire automotive CIS packager Kingpak Technology, seeking to increase its economies of scale through a larger product portfolio and strengthen its competitiveness in the market.

LPDDR5 to become new DRAM standard for 5G smartphones in 2020: LPDDR5 mobile DRAM is expected to be widely adopted in 5G smartphones in 2020 with Samsung Electronics set to feature its in-house made LPDDR5 memory in its flagship 5G smartphones for 2020, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.

China-based Loongson unveils new CPUs: China-based CPU developer Loongson has announced its in-house developed 3A4000 series processors, which the company claimed were created without using intellectual properties (IPs) from third-party firms except the design tools provided by the chipmaker during pilot production.