Taipei government showcasing solutions at Smart City Summit & Expo 2019

Chloe Liao, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Asia 0

The Taipei municipal government, as a co-organizer of the ongoing Smart City Summit & Expo 2019, runs a pavilion to showcase over 30 smart city solutions for public housing, transportation, medical care, education, public security and others.

It hopes to make the city a site for enterprises to experiment innovative products or services for POC (proof of concept) before tapping overseas markets, said Taipei mayor Ko Wen-je.

Taipei is developing a public housing project with partnerships from Far EasTone Telecommunications and Chicony Power Technology. They will develop a cloud computing-based smart management system featuring electronic fences, security surveillance based on image recognition, a rooftop PV system with an energy management system and drone patrol.

For smart transportation, the city government has offered smart parking services as well as UBike rental bicycles and WeMo rental electric scooters for public sharing and collected use data as reference for transportation planning. In addition, the city government in 2018 introduced ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) to public buses to help drivers and enable real-time monitoring of their driving.

The city has developed a digitized police patrol system, a smart management system for road and pipeline construction, a mobile disaster prevention app, an IoT-based monitoring system with visualized data display for detecting landslides in residential areas on hillslopes.

The city, in efforts to promote smart administration, also offers cloud-based land administration and cash-free payment services.

Taipei City Mayor

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je speaks at Smart City Summit & Expo 2019
Photo: Taipei City Government