Consumer psychology analysis counts in data science, says startup CEO

Mark Tsai, Taipei; Willis Ke, DIGITIMES Asia 0

While many tech startups are devoted to developing smart data analysis technologies, Taiwan startup Authentic Intelligence focuses more on applications of the technologies, according to company CEO Peter Li.

Li said his company has singled out specific consumer-oriented artificial intelligence technology from the convergence of data science, domain knowledge and human nature of consumers, with vertical and minute AI technologies also likely to be developed from data science and domain knowledge.

In applying psychology to analyze consumer spending, Li commented, mental traits count more than "behavior" and therefore only through deep analysis of core mental traits of consumers can accurate consumer behavior analysis be achieved.

Compared with other data-based AI technologies, commercial application technologies will concern enterprises more, Li stressed.

In the analysis of personal experiences of consumers, the data involved are usually quite fragmented, which must be combined into an overall facet for further analysis if the essence of domain knowledge can be absorbed in a short time, according to Lee.