ThroughTek’s Kalay Platform extends a range of IoT applications

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Taiwan’s leading global ICT annual event, COMPUTEX, which focused on IoT (Internet-of-Things) applications and business solutions, successfully concluded last week. ThroughTek, IoT cloud platform provider that registered as Taiwan’s first IoT company on the Emerging Stock Board, demonstrated its smart home, surveillance, and connected car solutions for customers at the Grand Hyatt Taipei during COMPUTEX week.

Real-time streaming with alerts to protect and safeguard assets

Although video streaming application has been around, the ability to effectively process video monitoring for real-time response and alerts remains critical in the IoT. ThroughTek provides IoT connective technology and a cloud platform solution for global brands and devices, including Xiaomi’s IP cameras “Xiaoyi” and “Xiaofang”; Hikvision, a leading video surveillance products; Swann, North America’s largest CCTV and DIY security camera provider. This year, ThroughTek collaborated with APPRO.PHO to integrate its video streaming solution to the Body Cam device using Kalay Platform’s connective technology. With the Kalay Platform solution, the Body Cam enables real-time streaming and cloud recording in the event of an emergency or incident to provide evidence for further analysis. Moreover, the demand of video monitoring application and services is especially critical in helping to prevent crime with the increased number of terrorist attacks internationally.

As the connected vehicle application matures, video surveillance will also be a key element for developing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). ThroughTek is currently working with local brands and manufacturers of dash cameras to integrate real-time streaming and motion-detection with cloud recording functionalities to built-in rear-view mirrors, providing a connected experience for vehicle owners. Additionally, vehicle owners can capture, record, receive notifications during critical moments, and playback or check the status of their vehicle at any given time via mobile app.

Delivering IoT video data for various applications

ThroughTek recognizes that video surveillance acts as the eyes and ears and provides value-added offerings for IoT devices systems. Currently, the Kalay Platform enables more than 20 million connected devices, with over seventy percent being video surveillance related products. The amount of video streaming data transmitted and supported by the Kalay Platform presents tremendous value and opportunities. With third party integrations for machine-learning and AI services, facial recognition solutions can be utilized for cloud doorbells to monitor entries for homes and commercial environments. Through data collection and machine-learning modules, the application can be customized to recognize either people and objects for endless possibilities.