Digitimes Research: Global production value for high-brightness LED chips to reach US$13.179 billion in 2017

Jessie Lin, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0

Global production value for high-brightness LED chips in 2017 will reach US$13.179 billion, growing 2.8% on year, according to Digitimes Research.

There will be 303.754 billion high-brightness LED chips shipped globally in 2017, increasing 23.9% on year, but the corresponding average selling price will decrease 17%, Digitimes Research indicated.

Of the shipments, 200.396 billion units or 66.0% will be used in LED lighting, rising 39.2% on year; 33.187 billion units (10.9%) in mobile devices (mainly smartphones), up 0.9%; 17.154 billion units (5.6%) in LED display boards, up 7.6%; 14.290 billion units (4.7%) in backlighting of LCD TVs, up 2.6%; 14.124 billion units (4.6%) in automotive displays, up 15.3%; and 15.756 billion units (5.2%) in backlighting of tablet, notebook and LCD monitor screens, down 8.9%.

The large growth in high-brightness LED chips used in lighting will be because global LED penetration of all lighting products will rise to 36.7% in 2017.

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