Digitimes Research: Global LED lighting demand in 2015 valued at nearly US$30 billion

Jessie Lin, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0

The global LED lighting market value in 2015 is estimated at US$29.908 billion, increasing on year by 24.8% and accounting for 27.2% of the 2015 global market value for all lighting products, according to Digitimes Research.

LED light bulbs, light tubes (T5), projection lamps and street lamps are the four main categories of LED lighting products, Digitimes Research indicated.

There will be 1.81 billion LED light bulbs shipped globally in 2015, hiking on year by 59.9% and taking up 13.9% of all light bulbs shipped in the year.

Global LED light tube shipments in 2015 will reach 520 million units, growing on year by 58.5% with a penetration rate of 13% of global shipments for all types of light tubes.

There will be 1.035 billion LED projection lamps shipped globally in 2015, with on-year growth of 56.3% and penetration of 23%.

Global LED street lamp shipments will rise on year by 30.1% to 9.43 million units in 2015, accounting for 11% of all street lamps shipped in the year.