Dell announces two low power servers

Press release, April 12; Joseph Tsai, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Dell recently unveiled two servers designed to reduce power consumption and deliver improvements in performance and performance per watt for enterprise customers.

Dell's PowerEdge 2970 and PowerEdge Energy Smart 2970 will be the first servers from a major systems provider to market with the new Dual Dynamic Power Management feature ready to enable optimized quad-core performance and power management, according to Dell. Both servers are designed to handle multiple generations of AMD Opteron processors, providing a seamless upgrade path to quad-core and allowing customers to increase computing capacity, consolidate and deploy virtualized environments without altering their data center infrastructure.

The PowerEdge 2970 server is engineered to draw up to 34% less power and deliver up to 105% greater performance per watt over the previous generation of Dell servers featuring dual-core processors, claimed the company.

The Dell PowerEdge 2970 is available worldwide with pricing starting at US$1,849. The Dell PowerEdge Energy Smart 2970 will be available in the coming weeks.

PowerEdge 2970 server specifications




Up to 2 Dual-Core AMD Opteron 2200 series processors at up to 3.0GHz


Broadcom HT-2100 and HT-1000 Server I/O Controllers


Up to 32GB (8 DIMM slots): 512MB/1GB/2GB/4GB ECC DDR2 667MHz SDRAM

Sources: Company, compiled by DigiTimes, April 2007

Dell announced two new low power consumption servers

Dell's PowerEdge 2970 Server
Sources: Company, compiled by DigiTimes, April 2007