Corsair beefs up its Flash Readout line

Press release, January 18; Ricky Morris, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Corsair has pumped up the capacity of its Flash Readout series of USB drives adding 4GB and 8GB versions to the line up. At these capacities things start to get interesting as not only do you have the space to carry all you personal documents, images and files, but you can even take along the applications to work with them too, providing of course there is a portable version available.

Most Flash drives are pretty much the same, but Corsair has managed to make the Readout line stand out by including a Bi-stable Cholesteric Display (BCD) on the side which lets users add their own label to the drive (up to 11 characters), and includes a graphical representation of the remaining capacity. The BCD can maintain its image for up to a year without a battery, says Corsair.

The new high capacity Flash Readouts are available now and are priced at US$89.99 and US$169.99, says the company.

Corsair Flash Readout series

Corsair Flash Readout now available with 4GB and 8GB capacities (2GB version shown)
Photo: Company