Computex Taipei 2019
Computex 2019 tradeshow to be held from May 28-June 1, gathers together 1,685 exhibitors.
Monday 29 July 2019
Building server-grade gaming products: Q&A with Supermicro senior product managers
Supermicro, a first-tier server vendor worldwide, has been aggressively developing gaming-related products with its experience from the server business. Supermicro is able to offer customers products with server quality.
Tuesday 4 June 2019
AIoT plus 5G to create immense application opportunities
Since British technology pioneer Kevin Ashton coined the term "Internet of Things" in 1999, IoT development has undergone several stages including "terminal connection" and "platform analysis" before being integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) into the current AIoT, achieving multiple applications in diverse domains such as smart home, the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), and smart manufacturing. In future combination with 5G, AIoT will penetrate into more vertical markets faster to generate immense business opportunities by leveraging 5G's broad bandwidth, low latency and huge connectivity.
Friday 31 May 2019
Nvidia pushing the rapidly expanding GPU computing market by extending AI inference to industries
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies have struggled to gain footholds in other niches to the world of cloud computing, but Nvidia is aiming to take it to the next level and rapidly change the face of businesses over the next few years. A new trend of AI based enterprise applications is on the rise, and it is one that creates a new market from the cloud to the edge. Today, the AI inference is used in search engines, streaming video services like Netflix and by AI assistants such as Alexa. Nvidia has announced both mainstream servers designed to enable AI computing in data center and edge servers designed to enable AI at the edge powered by Nvidia GPUs and software.
Friday 31 May 2019
Data risks associated with 3 innovative industry chains
France's data protection authority CNIL issued an announcement in January 2019 imposing a fine equivalent to NT$1.76 billion on Google for violating the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforced by the EU. Besides traditional information risks facing individual industries, the ordinary people must also be aware of the data safety listed below and associated with innovative industry chains in the emerging digital economy era, namely web services, social networking and encrypted tokens.
Friday 31 May 2019
Colorful announces iGame Z390 Vulcan X
Colorful has recently announced the new 2019 addition to its gaming motherboard product family, iGame Z390 Vulcan X, powered by the Intel Z390 chipset. The flagship motherboard features 14-Phase iGame Pure Power and full tantalum capacitors with longer service life compared to conventional capacitors, high temperature resistance, high precision and superb high-frequency filter performance to better guarantee the overclocking stability of the 9th generation Intel processor.
Friday 31 May 2019
ViewSonic to deliver solutions for education and business
ViewSonic, a leading global provider of visual solutions, will showcase at their Asia Pacific headquarters during Computex 2019 in Taipei.
Friday 31 May 2019
Preliminary assessment of the draft STO bill
The first case of initial coin offering (ICO) appeared in 2017, generating much interest and new financing opportunities. But many ICO teams have declared failures or vanished soon after completing fundraising operations due to lack of government supervision. To revive the sluggish market sentiment, industry players have called for regulatory supervision over the securities token offering (STO).
Friday 31 May 2019
MOST showcases GLORIA projects at Computex 2019
Ministry of Science of Technology (MOST)'s Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) is participating at Computex, showcasing the research results and integrated solutions from 18 alliances formed by different universities and industry sectors.
Thursday 30 May 2019
Computex 2019: Intel unveils key experience indicators and 1.0 target specification for Project Athena
At Computex 2019, Intel revealed more details around its laptop innovation program, code name "Project Athena," including new "key experience indicators" (KEI) aligned with real-world conditions and the 1.0 target specification for the first wave of advanced laptops coming to market this year across Windows and Chrome operating systems.
Thursday 30 May 2019
MSI to unveil solutions for gamers and creators
MSI is showcasing a range of products at Computex 2019, including notebooks and desktops powered by Nvidia GeForce RTX GPUs, and its newest selection of Prestige series, gaming graphics cards, gaming motherboards, gaming monitors, gaming gear, as well as servers, rugged tablets and more.