Colorful announces iGame Z390 Vulcan X

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Colorful has recently announced the new 2019 addition to its gaming motherboard product family, iGame Z390 Vulcan X, powered by the Intel Z390 chipset. The flagship motherboard features 14-Phase iGame Pure Power and full tantalum capacitors with longer service life compared to conventional capacitors, high temperature resistance, high precision and superb high-frequency filter performance to better guarantee the overclocking stability of the 9th generation Intel processor.

On the CPU power supply module, Colorful uses the Silver Shark 2.0 Cooling Armor with a whole new "Shark Bionics" look. The designs of "Branchial cleft" and metal lamination on the cooling armor enables air flow in the sealed case for better heat dissipation.

Memory slots on the motherboard are protected with 15μ gold-plated slot design. It ensures integrity of slot contacts and prevents arc wounding, adhesion, oxidation contacts and other problems caused by electric shocks during power-on or power-off. It also supports XMP memory automatic overclocking technology.

With their unique GamerVoice recently upgraded to version 3.0, the iGame series motherboards use Realtek ALC 1220 sound cards and Japanese HIFI audio capacitors as well as an audio cut-off line design on the audio section of the motherboard. The signal IO interface uses gold-plated non-magnetic jacks to reduce signal loss during transmission, achieving a 120dB signal-to-noise ratio to drive 600-ohmage impedance headphones.

The iGame Z390 Vulcan X motherboard is geared with Intel's latest 219 network adapter to ease the CPU workload as well as Intel's premium CVNi AC9560 wireless network interface controller, which supports 2x2 MU-MIMO and the 160MHz frequency band. The theoretical bandwidth of 5Hz frequency band can reach 1.733Gbps. Bluetooth 5.0 is also supported.

iGame Z390 Vulcan X

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