Notes & corrections
15 Dec 2008
A December 15 article has been updated to show that IC distributor Yosun has denied claims that it was laying off employees.
12 Dec 2008
November revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
4 Dec 2008
The DDR2 density in a December 2 article about DRAM pricing was incorrectly stated as 1GB. It is 1Gb.
A December 2 article incorrectly stated that DRAM makers expected prices to rebound. They do not expect prices to go up.
27 Nov 2008
A November 26 article incorrectly stated that Nanya Technology would lend US$200 million to Micron Technology. The lender is Na Ya Plastics.
A November 26 article incorrectly stated that Research in Motion (RIM) is outsourcing production of its BlackBerry smartphones to EMS firms in the US, Mexico and the Middle East. The production sites should be in Canada, Mexico and Eastern Europe.  In addition, the third-quarter sales of six million BlackBerry handsets mentioned in the article should be referred to as RIM's fiscal second quarter of 2009.
18 Nov 2008
A November 14 article incorrectly stated that Walsin Technology incurred losses in the third quarter this year. The company saw losses in the first quarter, but was profitable in the second and third quarters.
11 Nov 2008
October revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
The figures of TSMC's fourth-quarter outlook and VIS's October sales in a November 11 article have been updated. TSMC's expected sales for the fourth quarter are NT$69-71 billion, while VIS's October sales totaled NT$1.24 billion.
10 Nov 2008
A November 3 article incorrectly stated that Taiwan's National Communications Commission was required to review HwaCom's WiMAX license application. The WiMAX license applicant under review is Chunghwa Wideband Best Network, not HwaCom.
31 Oct 2008
An October 30 article incorrectly said that Qimonda's 8-inch fab in Richmond, US, has closed down. The fab is scheduled to close before the end of January 2009.
13 Oct 2008
September revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
9 Oct 2008
Due to a holiday in Taiwan, there will be no new news posted or email issued on October 10.
6 Oct 2008
An October 1 article has been updated with corrected details of Formosa Sumco's 12-inch wafer capacity ramp. The company is scheduled to reach a capacity of 160,000 units per month by 4Q08, not 4Q09 as originally stated.
2 Oct 2008
A September 29 article citing Acer's PC shipments for 1H08 has been updated with the proper attribution and shipment breakdown data. The company shipped a total of 13.9 million PCs in 1H08, of which, 3.8 million were desktop PCs and 9.7 million were notebooks.
29 Sep 2008
Due to Typhoon Jangmi closing down all official businesses in Taiwan on September 28-29, DIGITIMES will be publishing fewer news articles on Sep 29.
23 Sep 2008
A September 22 article regarding Intel's dual-core Atom 330 CPU has been updated with latest pricing from the company. The cost per chip is now US$43, not US$40 as originally reported.
18 Sep 2008
A September 11 article regarding First Solar has been updated with new figures supplied by the company. First Solar thin-film solar modules currently have a power conversion rate averaging at 10.7%, not 8-8.5% as originally written.
17 Sep 2008
A September 12 article has been updated to include MJC Probe's response to speculation about its plans in the DRAM probe card segment. The company denies it has any price advantage in the DRAM probe card segment over its competitors and it also denies that it has plans to enter into manufacturing of DRAM probe cards in the future.
11 Sep 2008
August revenues and 2Q results for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
8 Sep 2008
A September 5 article incorrectly stated SMIC will have 32nm production in 2009. SMIC will be undergoing 32nm development in 2009.
1 Sep 2008
Financial results for Wafer Works were incorrectly attributed to Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS) in a September 1 article.
19 Aug 2008
A June 11 article incorrectly stated Shenmao Technology plans to ramp up its monthly output to 15 million by the end of 2008. The correct amount is 15 billion.
13 Aug 2008
July revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
8 Aug 2008
A statement in an August 1 article indicating that the global sales volume of BD movie discs may surpass that of DVDs in 2011 was made by Eddie Chang, CEO of Deltamac Taiwan, a home video licensee of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE), not by Tim Meade Asia Pacific vice president for SPHE. The article has been amended to clarify the statements made by both Chang and Meade.
28 Jul 2008
Due to Typhoon Fung Wong, markets are closed in Taiwan on Monday, July 28.
14 Jul 2008
A June 16 Rohm & Haas interview has been updated with a more complete translation from the original Chinese text.
11 Jul 2008
June revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
8 Jul 2008
Titles of KYEC executives have been amended in a June 23 article.
27 Jun 2008
A June 26 article incorrectly stated that Seti is a subsidiary of Korea-based foundry Dongbu HiTek. On May 23 of this year, Dongbu HiTek publicly announced on the Korean Stock Market that it had decided not to invest further in Seti for its camera module business and that it was withdrawing an investment made in July 2007.
Dolby Laboratories has clarified some of the details published in a June 25 interview with company VP Francois Modarresse about partnerships the company has in the PC industry.
17 Jun 2008
A June 10 article, incorrectly attributed Verigy as making comments about the crossover from DDR2 to DDR3. The comments were made by industry sources.
16 Jun 2008
A June 13 article used the name LSI Logic. The company's proper name is LSI.
12 Jun 2008
A June 11 article regarding AMD Phenom-family CPUs has been updated with comments from the company.
May revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
30 May 2008
Qimonda has clarified statements cited in a May 29 article concerning who would be responsible for the design and manufacture of MCP solutions from SanQi, the joint venture between SanDisk and Qimonda.
A May 29 article incorrectly stated that TWM would be marketing the BlackBerry Pearl 8012 in Taiwan. The correct model is the BlackBerry Pearl 8120.
23 May 2008
A May 21 article incorrectly stated that LED BLUs have already contributed more than NT$2 billion to Kenmos' revenues this year. The number is the expected contribution to the company's revenues for 2008.
The headline of an April 15 article incorrectly stated that MSI and Flextronics together landed Dell notebook orders. The orders were for desktop PCs.
22 May 2008
A joint venture between Tecom and Vibo Telecom was incorrectly referred to as WiMAX Telecom in past articles. The articles have been amended with the correct name of the company, Vmax Telecom.
16 May 2008
A May 15 article incorrectly stated that VIA Technologies has forecast CPU shipments in 2008 will increase around 20-30% on year. The actual forecast is for double or triple on-year growth.
13 May 2008
April revenues and 1Q 2008 and 4Q 2007 financial reports for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
2 May 2008
An April 30 report detailing graphics card shipment figures provided by Jon Peddie Research has been updated following a correction notice sent out by the research firm.
30 Apr 2008
Due to the Labor Day holiday, we will not be updating our website nor be sending out our daily email on Thursday, May 1.
25 Apr 2008
An April 23 interview with Tessera COO Mike Bereziuk was updated to clarify statements made about the number of semiconductor companies securing licenses from Tessera and the number of patents held by the company.
An April 23 article suggested Nokia Siemens Network (NSN) was looking to team up with Taiwan makers in the joint production of femtocell base stations. This has been clarified to read that NSN is hoping to interest the makers in joining its ecosystem.
18 Apr 2008
An April 16 article incorrectly listed Infineon Technologies' 3G baseband chip as the PMB878. The correct name is the PMB8878.
17 Apr 2008
An April 16 article has been updated following comments by Dolby.
16 Apr 2008
In regards to an April 15 article, a representative of Alienware has stated that the company no longer uses Clevo as an ODM.
11 Apr 2008
March revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
An April 7 article incorrectly stated that DVD and BD currently account for about 80% and 20%, respectively, of global demand for movie discs and that Sony will offer HD LCD TVs with BD recording functionality. DVD and BD devices currently account for about 80% and 20% of market share, respectively, in the US and Japan. Sony plans to release a common controller for HD LCD TVs and BD recorders.
3 Apr 2008
Due to a holiday in Taiwan on Friday, April 4, we will not be updating our website nor be sending out our daily email.
28 Mar 2008
A March 27 report incorrectly used the name of Zyxel Communications in place of Zinwell Communications.
A March 13 article incorrectly wrote that Qcept aims to grab a US$800 million share of the non-visual defect equipment market in 2008 with a projected 15% CAGR growth over the next five years. Qcept estimates its addressable NVD equipment market will be US$800 million in 2008, with the market to see a CAGR of 15% over the next five years.
27 Mar 2008
A March 24 press release incorrectly stated that Silterra secured a foundry deal with AMIC. The correct company name is AMICOMM.
25 Mar 2008
A March 25 article about Kingston Technology possibly investing in Phison Electronics has been updated to reflect the fact that Phison has not yet decided who the target investor will be for the shares it is going to issue through private placement.
24 Mar 2008
A March 13 article incorrectly stated that Dennis Chen, president of HP Taiwan revealed that Inventec has been chosen as the manufacturer for HP's thin-client devices to be launched in Taiwan this year. This information was divulged to Digitimes by industry sources who wish to remain anonymous.
A March 7 article regarding Xilinx halving the price of its Spartan-3A reference design module and tools has been updated following further comments from the company.
12 Mar 2008
A March 11 article regarding Orise Technology's performance in February mistakenly stated that the company had booked orders of NT$418, this has been corrected to read NT$418 million.
11 Mar 2008
February revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
A March 10 article incorrectly indicated that stated that technology passed from Micron to ProMOS will potentially deliver an additional output of 20% over ProMOS’ 70nm technology.  The potential 20% increase in output was referring to ProMOS’ plan to optimize its 70nm production in the second half of 2008.
10 Mar 2008
A March 7 article incorrectly stated that SparkLAN has begun producing dual-band 802.11n routers utilizing WLAN chip solutions from Taiwan-based MediaTek. SparkLAN is using solutions from Ralink.
7 Mar 2008
A March 6 article stated that Sonic Focus says it is in direct competition with leading audio enhancement developers such as Dolby. Sonic Focus, more precisely, said that users may be more familiar with companies such as Dolby and that its solutions will make any codec sound better, including those of Dolby.
A March 5 story incorrectly stated IM Flash Technologies is currently producing NAND flash on 60nm node. The company is using 50nm technology for its production.
6 Mar 2008
A March 6 article concerning an MP3 licensing dispute between Sisvel and CE device makers exhibiting at CeBIT stated: "In 2007, Sisvel was able to disrupt the CeBIT show of SanDisk over the same issue." This has been corrected to read: "In 2006, Sisvel was able to disrupt the show of SanDisk at the IFA Expo in Berlin over the same issue."
3 Mar 2008
A February 27 article incorrectly stated that Phison Electronics is a beneficiary of a speculated adjustment in the NAND flash strategy of Samsung Electronics. The correct company is Skymedi.
27 Feb 2008
A February 25 article, incorrectly stated that Tripod Technology plans to boost its notebook printed circuit board (PCB) capacity to eight million square feet per month in the third quarter of 2008. The correct amount is 800,000 square feet.
Due to a holiday in Taiwan, there will be no new news posted or email issued on February 28.
22 Feb 2008
A February 19 commentary incorrectly referred to thin-film solar cell makers. The commentary is about thin-film solar module makers.
19 Feb 2008
A February 18 article incorrectly stated that Motech affiliate AE Polysilicon has scheduled trial polysilicon production for the fourth quarter of 2009. The correct date is the fourth quarter of 2008.
A February 15 article on capex trends in the DRAM industry incorrectly referred to DRAM makers as DRAM module makers.
A February 15 article incorrectly stated that HannStar Display saw consolidated revenues of NT$13.87 billion in January. The company reported revenues of NT$6.397 billion for the month.
15 Feb 2008
January revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
29 Jan 2008
A January 19 article incorrectly stated that Corning recently estimated that the market for small-size glass substrates for mobile device will grow to US$1 billion in 2008. Corning stated that the market will grow to one billion units by 2008.
25 Jan 2008
A January 23 article described Global Unichip as an IP vendor. The company is a design service provider.
24 Jan 2008
A January 24 article incorrectly stated that Kyocera plans to acquire Sharp Electric's mobile phone-related business. Kyocera will in fact acquire the business of Sanyo Electric.
21 Jan 2008
A January 17 report incorrectly stated that Pacific Media Associates expects front projector shipments to grow 70% in 2008. The correct shipment growth forecast is 20%
A January 15 article incorrectly identified Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) as reportedly having talks with Elpida Memory for the joint establishment of a 12-inch DRAM production fab in China.  Hejian Technology is the company reportedly having talks with Elpida. 
16 Jan 2008
A January 15 article incorrectly stated that the voltage for high-power 700V LED drivers being developed by Power Analog Microelectronics can reach 700 watts. The article has been corrected to read 700 volts.
15 Jan 2008
A January 14 article stated that stable pricing from Taiwan-based vendors may help them increase orders. The stable pricing is from Japan-based vendors.
11 Jan 2008
December revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
3 Jan 2008
A January 3 article has been updated to include comments from Nanya Technology