Notes & corrections
27 Dec 2006
A December 26 article incorrectly stated that Apple opened a retail store in Taiwan. The story has been recast to reflect the fact that the store is owned and operated by an Apple authorized reseller.
25 Dec 2006
A December 19 article has been corrected with a Macronix clarification that the company plans to produce a BE-SONOS test chip on 75nm NOR flash rather than on 75nm NAND flash.
A December 19 article incorrectly said the global market for UMPCs will reach 130 million units next year. The figures refer to worldwide smartphone shipments in 2007.
15 Dec 2006
A December 14 article was updated to include information about availability of new AMD processors.
14 Dec 2006
The photo in a December 23 article was of the Mio C710 not the C310x. The article has been updated with a correct picture.
11 Dec 2006
November revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
6 Dec 2006
A December 4 article incorrectly attributed Frank Wu, general manger of Dell's Taiwan branch, as saying Dell PC users may have to wait until March 2007 for a Vista upgrade. The comments were made by Dell's service center for Taiwan. Comments from Dell's Asia-Pacific office were also added to the article.
1 Dec 2006
A November 30 article incorrectly listed SDRAM prices in NT$. The prices are in US$.
30 Nov 2006
A November 22 Newswatch stated that Seagate will volume produce a 2.5-inch hybrid HDD next March. The piece has been amended to more accurately reflect that the company expects to volume produce the device at that time.
A November 16 article incorrectly stated Rick Lain is president of Actel, Asia Pacific region. Mr. Lain is the company's director of sales in the region. The article has also been recast to present a clearer view of the reasons why Actel would be willing to develop partnerships with China-based foundries.
29 Nov 2006
In a November 24 article, comments made by industry sources were incorrectly attributed to Jerry Kuo, spokesman at Motorola Taiwan.
28 Nov 2006
A November 27 article incorrectly stated that the PS3 had an issue with a lower display resolution from its Blu-ray Disc (BD) player. Lower resolution display problems have been reported when used with certain TVs.
23 Nov 2006
A November 22 article stated Ritek, RiTdisplay and Kolon Industries will form a new holding company named NeoView Kolon. The holding company is yet to be named and the three companies to establish the holding company are RiTdisplay, Kolon and NeoView Kolon.
22 Nov 2006
A November 10 article has been appended to include claims from Chi Cheng Enterprise that it did not mention any customer nor make any comments concerning the status of any customer's orders.
16 Nov 2006
A November 9 article incorrectly reported LG.Philips LCD's revenue forecasts for the global LCD and CRT TV markets. Also, attributes and charts in the article have been updated to better reflect the most recent information provided by the panel maker and clarify which market research firms are cited.
14 Nov 2006
A November 13 article incorrectly indicated that UMC and Toshiba are two customers of Xilinx. The companies are key foundry partners of Xilinx.
13 Nov 2006
October revenues and 3Q results for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
8 Nov 2006
A November 6 article incorrectly indicated Toppan Chunghwa Electronics (TCE) is a subsidiary of Japan-based Toppan Photomasks. TCE is a joint venture between Toppan Printing and CPT.
3 Nov 2006
A November 3 article incorrectly stated that Mitac is not worried about Acer's move in the small-form-factor desktop PC market. Aopen is the company not worried about Acer's move.
A November 2 article stated that LGE's 100-inch LCD TV has resolution of 1,920x1,080. Instead,  the TV is offering a 6.22 million-pixel picture quality.
31 Oct 2006
An October 31 article listed CompUSA as an online store partner with Mio. Mio has indicated that it is beginning to work with CompUSA through retail stores.
An October 31 article incorrectly stated that Nokia's entrance into the PND market will significantly affect first-tier branded PND vendors. Nokia's entrance into the market will affect non-first-tier vendors.
30 Oct 2006
An October 26 article stated that TSMC's capacity reached 1,799 8-inch equivalent wafers in the third quarter. The correct amount is 1.799 million 8-inch equivalent wafers.
27 Oct 2006
The headline of an October 26 article was reworded to more accurately reflect the fact that Lite-On IT will stop production of its own-brand DVD recorders.
26 Oct 2006
Intel clarified two claims reported in an October 17 article. 1. The first Core 2 Quad processor will operate at 2.4GHz. 2. Clovertown and Kentsfield level-two cache will be shared between two cores on each die, not among all cores.
23 Oct 2006
An October 23 article incorrectly cited a source as saying Mitac International may consider discontinuing production for Mio Technology. The article was also updated to include comments from Mitac.
20 Oct 2006
An October 19 article incorrectly stated that Sprint Nextel has decided to use OFDM-MIMO technology. Sprint Nextel is considering using the technology and may purchase equipment from Taiwan-based makers.
16 Oct 2006
An October 16 Newswatch quoted the Chinese-language Apple Daily as saying that the IDF will start on October 17. The correct date is October 16.
An October 12 article incorrectly stated that sales volume of 40-inch LCD TVs dropped 15% on month in July in North America market. The correct region is US market.
13 Oct 2006
The headline in an October 12 article incorrectly listed Intel's PM965 chipset as the the PM96.
12 Oct 2006
An October 3 article was updated, adding comments from AMD.
September revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
5 Oct 2006
In an October 3 article, PCHome incorrectly stated that it was the first Asia web portal to partner with Mozilla.
An October 2 article has been recast to clarify Infineon's submicron (90nm and 65nm) production partnerships.
2 Oct 2006
Since South Epitaxy's merger with Epitech took effect on August 1, 2005, South Epitaxy kept its Chinese name for the new company, but changed the English name to Epitech. Articles mentioning South Epitaxy after the merger, have been changed accordingly.
A September 29 article incorrectly stated that the CRT TV sales volume in China totaled about 1.5 million units for the first half of 2006. The correct volume should be 15 million units.
28 Sep 2006
A September 26 article incorrectly stated that foreign investors' total holdings in Acer decreased from 1.1 million shares to 800,000 shares. The units should refer to lots (1 lot=1,000 shares).
27 Sep 2006
A September 26 article incorrectly stated that SMIC and Qualcomm signed a one-year supply agreement. The timeline for the partnership is not specified. The total deal is estimated to be worth US$120 million over the next 3-5 years.
26 Sep 2006
A September 26 article stated that revenues of the Hsinchu Science Park revenues is expected to top NT$1.1 billion. The amount should be NT$1.1 trillion.
25 Sep 2006
Some figures in the last paragrah of a September 20 press release by Jon Peddie Research were incorrect and has been updated with figures provided by the research firm.
20 Sep 2006
A September 19 article incorrectly attributed Kingmax as stating pricing for its 1GB microSD flash memory cards. The listed price was an estimate made by market sources.
19 Sep 2006
Two articles, published on August 21 and September 11, incorrectly listed Kinsus Interconnect Technology, Phoenix Precision Technology (PPT) and Unimicron Technology as customers of Amkor Technology. The three aforementioned companies are suppliers for Amkor.
14 Sep 2006
A September 12 article misattributed comments about Jazz Semiconductor's clients to William Lee, general manager of Asia Pacific sales for Jazz. The comments were made by sources.
13 Sep 2006
August revenues and 2Q results for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
A September 12 article said JVC will offer full HD projector at less than US$700. The correct price level should be US$7,000.
8 Sep 2006
A September 5 article was updated, adding comments from Intel.
7 Sep 2006
In a September 6 article, the numbers of Enlight's shipments to Lenovo were overstated by a factor of 10000.
6 Sep 2006
A September 5 article said that Intel is aware of "instability issues with its S3 Graphics and XGI graphics cores." The sentence should read that Intel is aware of "instability issues with S3 Graphics and XGI graphics cores."
1 Sep 2006
An August 30 article incorrectly said that TSMC claims damages of US$130 million from alleged SMIC's breach of a 2005 settlement between the two companies. In fact, TSMC required SMIC to pay the remaining US$130 million of the six-year payment obligation determined in the settlement, with adding an interest.
31 Aug 2006
An August 30 article was reposted with official comments from Nanya Technology.
28 Aug 2006
An August 24 article incorrectly attributed statements about AMD's capacity expansion at the company's CPU packaging and testing facility in Suzhou, China to Vanoy Wong. The comments were made by CK Tan, Managing Director of AMD CPU TMP in Suzhou.
21 Aug 2006
An August 18 article incorrectly stated that Panasonic returned to the top position in the global PDP TV market during the second quarter of 2006. Panasonic was the number one supplier in the global 40- to 44-inch PDP TV market during the period.
18 Aug 2006
An August 17 article incorrectly stated that Motorola had launched its first handset in Taiwan based on the TI LoCosto platform, and that a number of Compal Communications-made handsets to be released in the 2H06 would also be LoCosto-based systems.
An August 17 article incorrectly attributed several claims to Wistron. According to the company, it never reveals any financial and shipment estimates.
16 Aug 2006
A table in an August 11 article incorrectly defined Sanyo Visual Technology as a joint venture of Sanyo Electric and Quanta Computer. The company will be established by Sanyo that will initially hold 100% of Sanyo Visual Technology.
11 Aug 2006
July revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
9 Aug 2006
A table in a August 7 article cited DisplaySearch as stating that Sony's Qualia 005 LCD TVs use panels from S-LCD. S-LCD did not begin shipping panels from its seventh-generation (7G) plant until April 2005.
1 Aug 2006
An August 1 article has been updated with PSC's official transaction details of its purchase of MXIC shares.
28 Jul 2006
A July 29 article incorrectly stated that the Muse NAS-RAID system will be available in mid-August. The unit will be available in mid-September.
27 Jul 2006
A July 18 article implied that China-based ReneSola has recently become a supplier of wafers to solar cell maker Motech. ReneSola has been a supplier for Motech since 2005.
25 Jul 2006
Handset vendors mentioned in a July 25 article include both Taiwan- and China-based vendors.
A July 24 article stated that MSI has an annual goal of US$1 million in revenue for its motherboard shipments. The figure is the company's monthly revenue goal for the sector.
21 Jul 2006
A table in a July 20 article incorrectly listed BenQ Mobile's handset shipments for the second quarter as 0.8 million units. The correct number is eight million.
PixArt Imaging (PXI) has refuted claims made by sources in a July 17 article. The company's comments have been added to the article.
19 Jul 2006
A July 17 Newswatch stated Macronix will see its sales buoyed this year by Nintendo Wii mask ROM orders. In fact, the company will see its sales boosted by Nintendo mask ROM orders, including for the new Wii game console.
A July 19 article stated that Intel plans to launch Core-based Celeron processors with 945GM and 945PM chipsets in the fourth quarter of 2006. To be more specific, it is Celeron M processors.
A July 18 article incorrectly stated that Ritek will be producing LabelFlash CD-R discs for Fujifilm and that Plextor launched the world's first LabelFlash-enabled DVD burner with Pioneer and LG Electronics already offering such burners. Ritek will be producing only DVD+R/-R discs and Pioneer and LG Electronics will soon be offering LabelFlash-enabled burners.
18 Jul 2006
A July 17 article incorrectly stated that ASE and Powerchip Semiconductor Corporation (PSC) will invest US$500 million to form a joint venture (JV) called Power ASE Technology. The total investment is US$50 million, with US$30 million coming from ASE and US$20 million coming from PSC.
A July 10 article, incorrectly stated that ECS will issue 184,930 new shares. ECS will issue 184.93 million new shares, or 184,930 lots.
17 Jul 2006
The price for DVD burners in a July 17 article should be listed in NT$ not US$.
11 Jul 2006
A July 7 article incorrectly stated that Nintendo's upcoming Wii console will be backward compatible with the handheld Nintendo DS. The Wii will be able to play game titles available for the DS through Nintendo software.
7 Jul 2006
Figures used in a July 4 article incorrectly stated the shipment breakdown by size in the PDP market in 1Q06. According to DisplaySearch, the 40-44-inch segment had a 78% share of the PDP TV market, while the 50-54-inch segment accounted for 14% of PDP TV shipments.
5 Jul 2006
A June 21 article incorrectly stated that the Olevia LCD TV brand belongs to Kolin. The Olevia brand belongs to Syntax-Brillian.
4 Jul 2006
A June 29 article said that a TomTom GO GPS device would launch in August. It is already available, but shipments will pick up in August. The article also stated that TomTom's CEO came to Taiwan to resolve shipment issues, but a management team came and he was not part of it. A company comment has also been added.
A July 3 Newswatch incorrectly stated that losses to VIS caused by a power surge did not exceed US$308 million. The correct amount is US$309,650.
3 Jul 2006
A June 30 article incorrectly stated that Edward Lin is vice president for the wireless communications business unit at Texas Instruments Taiwan. Lin's official title is sales director for the business unit.
A chart in a June 30 article listed the wrong price for the Intel Montecito processor. The unit price of the Montecito CPU is US$749-3,692.
29 Jun 2006
Motherboard shipment figures in a chart in a June 28 Newswatch were off by a factor of 10. The figures have been corrected.
28 Jun 2006
A June 27 article stated that CMO's 5G substrates can be cut into 12 22-inch widescreen panels. The correct generation is 5.5G.
23 Jun 2006
A June 23 article incorrectly stated that TomTom's investment relations manager Taco Titulaer visited Taiwan. Titulaer made his comments in Holland. Titulaer also said that TomTom expects its gross margin in the second quarter to be higher than the 35% from last quarter, not necessarily 40% as orignally reported.
A June 21 article stated Microsoft will officially launch its Windows CE 6.0 OS for embedded and mobile devices in the first half of 2007. However, the release is scheduled for the first half of fiscal 2007 (July 2006-June 2007).
21 Jun 2006
A June 12 article incorrectly attributed comments about Altera's production partners to Louie Leung, marketing director for the Asia Pacific region. The comments were made by industry sources.
20 Jun 2006
A June 8 article incorrectly stated the Dialogue Flybook V33i has a display that can be swiveled 360 degrees. It can only be rotated 180 degrees.
16 Jun 2006
A June 16 article incorrectly attributed some information about ATI's move to an 80nm process to Edward Chou, marketing director of ATI Technologies Asia-Pacific. The information came from graphics card makers.
A caption in a June 8 article incorrectly identified Gigabyte's lineup of mini-PCs as AOpen's.
15 Jun 2006
A June 13 report was off by a factor of 10 when converting Taiwan dollars (NT$) to US dollars (US$).
14 Jun 2006
A June 12 article incorrectly stated Seagate expects its monthly shipments to reach 40 million units. The figure is for the company's quarterly shipment goal.
A June 1 article incorrectly stated the production value of analog Ics should grow by 17% to US$37.5 million in 2006. The correct figure should be US$37.5 billion.
A June 14 article incorrectly stated that SmartASIC Technology shifted its core business to LCD driver ICs. The company's core business has shifted to LCD controller ICs.
A June 8 article indicated Anadem sells notebooks made by Clevo and Uniwill. The correct manufacturers are Compal and Uniwill.
12 Jun 2006
May revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
A caption in a June 9 article has been corrected. The handsets in the photo are using GPUs from ATI not Nvidia.
A June 8 article listed's worldwide sales for 2005 in NT$. The figure should be in US$.
9 Jun 2006
A June 7 article incorrectly stated Nvidia is looking to see its graphics chip shipments increase 100% this year. Nvidia aims to double its core logic shipments.
5 Jun 2006
A June 5 article incorrectly stated that the Acer Ferrari 1000 has a 15.4-inch screen. The Ferrari 1000 features a 12.1-inch screen.
A June 2 Stockwatch incorrectly said that Dopod recorded profits of US$80 million in 2005. The correct figure is US$8 million.
A June 2 article incorrectly stated that Ritek started sourcing NOR flash from Samsung Electronics. Ritek started sourcing NAND flash from Samsung.
2 Jun 2006
A May 5 article incorrectly stated that Chandler Lin is the chairman of System General (SG). Lin is the president of SG.
25 May 2006
A May 24 article stated that MDTV stood for "mobile digital TV." The acronym actually stands for "microdisplay TV."
19 May 2006
A May 19 article stated that the number of turnover days at distributors has increased. The time has increased at retailers, not distributors.
A May 19 article incorrectly said that Mosel will stop DRAM production by the end of the second half of this year. Mosel will stop production by the first half of 2006.
17 May 2006
A May 16 Newswatch incorrectly said that Compal Communications expects to ship 750 million handsets in 2006. The correct number is 75 million units.
16 May 2006
A May 15 report quoted Kawamura Toshiro, vice president of NEC, in saying the company will purchase around US$30 billion of products from Taiwan in 2006. The correct figure should be US$3 billion.
A May 15 article did not correctly list James Li as president and chief operating officer (COO) of Syntax-Brillian.
11 May 2006
A May 10 article has been recast to reflect that Tsann Kuen will resume trading under normal conditions on the TSE in two days at the soonest and that Asustek and HP have been dealing with the company on a cash basis.
A May 10 article quoted Displaybank as saying Samsung will produce white OLEDs for use in LCD BLUs (backlight units) at its existing 7G LCD plant. Displaybank has issued a correction note saying the Samsung facility should be its 5G (1,100x1,300mm) LCD production line.
A January 20 article and a May 10 article incorrectly stated the title of Sara Liu. Sara Liu is director of market intelligence, Philips CEBLC-MMFD, Royal Philips Electronics.
5 May 2006
A May 4 article incorrectly stated that the contract price of 12-inch silicon wafers has risen to US$84-88. The price refers to 8-inch silicon wafers.
In a May 4 article, sources said MediaTek may generate NT$2 billion (about US$63 million) in sales from its LCD TV solution in the second quarter of 2006, the correct time frame is 2006.
An April 28 article incorrectly stated that Forhouse had consolidated revenues of NT$14.759 billion in the first quarter 2006, the revenue total was for the full year 2005.
Plastic Logic has indicated that its flexible display will be available on the market in 2008, not 2009-2010.
3 May 2006
A May 3 article referred to the Turion 64 X2 as AMD's first 64-bit dual-core processor. The Turion 64 X2 is AMD's first 64-bit dual-core processor for notebook applications.
2 May 2006
An April 20 article has been updated to include a comment from the company. Wus Printed Circuit stated that it expects a rise in May revenues due to an increase in orders from the automotive sector.
24 Apr 2006
An April 21 article incorrectly stated that the main X5R material MLCC production focus for Holy Stone this year will be products with capacitances ranging from 1nF to 10nF. The correct range is from 1uF to 10uF.
21 Apr 2006
An April 14 article reported the wrong dates for the Asia-Pacific Intel Solutions Summit (APAC ISS) in Sanya, Hainan Province (China). The summit will run from April 20-22.
An April 19 article incorrectly stated LG Electronics shipped 6.7 million PDP modules in the fourth quarter of last year. The company stated it shipped 670,000 units.
20 Apr 2006
An April 7 story cited Pacific Media Association (PMA) research as stating that DLP technology accounted for 52.4% of the RPTV market in the fourth quarter of 2005 and that DLP and 3LCD technology each accounted for about two million RPTV shipments in 2005. The market share and shipment totals were for the front projector segment.
An April 4 article stated Compal Electronics acquired a 1.4% stake in Himax Technologies. The correct percentage is 1.14%.
An April 19 article has been recast to include comments from TSMC.
18 Apr 2006
An April 13 story said Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) will raise the monthly capacity of an LCM base in China from an initial 10,000 units to 20,000 in the first quarter of 2007. The correct numbers should be 100,000 and 200,000.
An April 17 newswatch said that the US would impose anti-dumping tariffs on notebooks from China. The translation is correct, but the news is almost certainly about paper notebooks.
12 Apr 2006
March revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
An April 11 Newswatch incorrectly reported that VIS's 0.18-micron output had picked up to 25,000-27,000 wafers in March. The correct figure is 2,500-2,700 wafers.
6 Apr 2006
A March 30 story incorrectly referred to steel when talking about aluminum. All reference to steel in the article has been changed to aluminum.
3 Apr 2006
A March 28 Newswatch incorrectly stated that products needed RoHS certification. Companies must demonstrate that their products comply with the regulations.
31 Mar 2006
Takutoshi Fujiwara, chairman of Fujiwara-Rothchild, denies news reported in a March 28 article. His comments have been added to the article.
A March 30 article incorrectly stated the demand for CD-R discs will remain at 9-11 million units each year, the correct amount should be 9-11 billion.
29 Mar 2006
A March 27 article incorrectly stated Ryoji Chubachi, president of Sony Corporation, will attend the opening ceremony of the 2006 Sony Fair in Taiwan on February 7. The correct date is April 7.
A March 27 article incorrectly stated SMIC will see depreciation and amortization for most its facilities completed this year. The foundry will only begin phasing out depreciation and amortization for its facilities this year.
A March 28 article has been recast to clarify key points.
28 Mar 2006
A March 24 article regarding price cuts for 6G glass substrates has been recast to clarify statements made by an AUO executive, and to include comments from glass substrate maker Corning.
27 Mar 2006
A March 27 article incorrectly stated potential monthly and yearly revenues from wafer production.
Amkor has denied claims made by sources that the company is seeking a substrate partnership in China, and the related comments have been added to a March 23 article.
24 Mar 2006
In a March 23 interview we misspelled the name of Oregan's VP of marketing Milya Timergaleyeva.
23 Mar 2006
A March 22 article incorrectly stated that no Taiwan chipset vendor is shipping integrated chipsets supporting DirectX9. However, VIA began shipping its K8M890 integrated chipset last month, and has already shipped 100,000 units.
A March 15 article incorrectly attributed GM Mobile's Henry Tai as saying that growth in the company's OEM business for this year is due to Nokia and that Motorola, Samsung Electronics, Siemens and Palm are also OEM clients of the company. The information came from industry sources.
A March 21 article incorrectly associated the result of a benchmark report from Tom's Hardware Guide to mobile processors. The result was for desktop processors and has been removed from the article.
21 Mar 2006
A March 15 article incorrectly stated the Fujitsu-Siemens Loox C550 handheld runs Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Phone Edition on an Intel PXA520 416MHz XScale processor. The Loox C550 handheld runs Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Edition on an Intel PXA270 processor, according to a company press release.
A March 21 article incorrectly stated the interoperability test of a GSM/TD-SCDMA networking system was completed. The test was completed on a TD-SCDMA networking system.
A March 16 article incorrectly stated that ChipMOS Technologies budgeted US$140 billion to expand NOR-flash test capacity. The correct amount is US$140 million.
A March 20 article incorrectly stated that Samsung Electronics, AU Optronics (AUO) and Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) account for 60% of Dell's monitor shipments. These panel makers account for 60% of Dell's panel shipments.
17 Mar 2006
A March 16 article incorrectly stated that Fujitsu-Siemens is developing entry-level Napa devices for the Asia-Pacific market. The Fujitsu brand is available outside Europe, whereas the Fujitsu-Siemens brand is available only in Europe.
15 Mar 2006
A March 13 interview misquoted AMD's Henri Richard as saying '8KL'. He said 'K8L'.
A March 13 article incorrectly stated Samsung Electronics will focus on sales of 42-inch LCD TVs this year. The company will focus on 40-inch LCD TV sales.
13 Mar 2006
February revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
10 Mar 2006
A March 10 article regarding TSMC's February revenues has been recast to clarify and correct some of the figures.
A March 9 article stated that Acer plans to grow its notebook shipments by 70-90% sequentially this quarter. The growth is for on-year instead of sequentially.
9 Mar 2006
A March 8 article reported that MediaTek's February revenues dropped 1.3%. The correct percentage change is 19%.
A March 8 article stated that the Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition OS was launched at the end of 2005. The Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 OS was launched at that time.
Previous reports incorrectly stated that E-ton Solar Tech would list on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) on March 8. On March 8, the company listed on the over the counter (OTC) exchange. The previous reports have been corrected to reflect this.
Data in a table in a March 8 article is for the PC market in general, not just notebooks.
A March 8 article listed Samsung's on-line advertising spending as US$747 million. The correct figure is US$7.47 million.
3 Mar 2006
A March 2 article incorrectly stated that Displaybank quoted an LG.Philips LCD official as saying the panel maker had set the size of its 8G substrates. The market research attributed the news to an industry expert, not the panel maker.
27 Feb 2006
A February 24 article has been recast to reflect more clearly the oversubscription of E-ton Solar Tech's recent IPO.
Information Network has revised its market share estimate for ASML in a February 23 article. The report incorrectly stated all ASML revenues in Euros instead of US dollars.
24 Feb 2006
A February 20 article stating TSMC expects to maintain a utilization rate of 100% through the second quarter is only referring to TSMC's 8-inch fabs, not the utilization rate for the entire company.
A February 23 article incorrectly cited LG.Philips LCD as saying that it had signed an agreement with HP for notebook panels. LG.Philips LCD has made no such announcement. The article was citing a DisplayBank report, not the panel maker.
An error in a February 23 DisplaySearch press release stated that plasma TV shipments in the fourth quarter of 2005 reached 2.7 million units. DisplaySearch has since changed that figure to 2.27 million units.
23 Feb 2006
A February 22 stockwatch incorrectly stated that Powerchip Semiconductor Corporation (PSC) will issue 24-30 million new common shares and global depositary receipts (GDRs). The correct number is 240-300 million.
21 Feb 2006
A February 17 newswatch incorrectly stated that Motech Industries' share price is expected to rise to NT$707 in 2006. The share price is predicted for 2007.
20 Feb 2006
A February 17 article incorrectly stated 59,000 notebooks were sold in Taiwan in 2004. The correct number should be 590,000 units.
17 Feb 2006
A February 16 article stated Sony expects to ship over 100 million PS3 game consoles this year. The 100 million shipment total is expected for the lifespan of the PS3 console, not for this year alone.
A February 17 newswatch incorrectly stated that Wistron's share price closed at NT$97. Shares of Wistron closed at NT$43.1 on February 16.
A February 16 headline stated that PPT is suing NPC for patent infringement. The headline has been revised to reflect that PPT may sue NPC.
16 Feb 2006
A February 15 article incorrectly stated that Yageo will expand its MLCC capacity by 30-40%. The passive component maker will be expanding production capacity for its current sensing resistors by 30%.
15 Feb 2006
A February 14 newswatch incorrectly stated that Foxlink plans for its revenues to reach US$148 million in 2006. The correct figure is US$1.5 billion.
14 Feb 2006
A February 13 article stated that Winbond Electronics has a capital expenditure (capex) budget of NT$47.8 billion for 2006. That amount refers to the funds required for its 12-inch wafer expansion. The company's capex for 2006 is only NT$2.2-2.3 billion. The cash flow figures have also been revised from NT$19 billion to NT$9.67 billion.
Comments in a February 10 article about reduced Motorola orders affecting Taiwan Green Point and Silitech January revenues were not made by the companies themselves. Both companies protested the attribution in the original article, while declining to comment on the news.
A January 13 article incorrectly reported that Nanya will be holding an investor conference on February 16-17. Instead, the company will be holding its board of directors meeting.
13 Feb 2006
January revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
A February 7 article incorrectly stated that ProMOS Technologies has a capital expenditure (capex) budget of NT$850 million for 2006. The correct figure is US$850 million.
A February 8 article incorrectly stated that AU Optronics had revenues of NT$1.27 billion in January 2006. The correct figure is NT$22.2 billion.
A January 26 article stated that Dell plans to move all of its notebook assembly to Malaysia in the future. However, Dell will only move assembly of notebooks for the US market to Malaysia.
10 Feb 2006
A spelling error for "Gartner Dataquest" has been corrected in a February 10 article.
9 Feb 2006
In a February 7 press release, a chart has been corrected to reflect the published data.
8 Feb 2006
In the table of a February 7 press release, the number of mobile imaging users should be in thousands.
A February 7 article gave an incorrect percentage increase for Acer's planned notebook shipments for this year. The correct figure is 67%.
27 Jan 2006
A January 18 article said Winbond Electronics announced its board of directors approved the sale of its FPD driver IC business to Cheertek Technology for around NT$4 billion. The company has revised the amount to NT$400 million.
24 Jan 2006
The correct picture for Walton Chaintech's SE73GS-G2 graphics card has been put up in a January 23 press release.
23 Jan 2006
We have removed the 'North America market: Top 10 best selling LCD TVs' table from a January 20 article by request of DisplaySearch. The data in the table was from NPD Group and only intended for use at an FTI conference on January 19.
20 Jan 2006
InFocus has updated its pricing for projectors introduced during the CES show.
A January 12 article incorrectly attributed Eugene A Verdon, president of Corning Display Technologies Taiwan, as saying Corning expects to ship 7.5G substrates to AUO by next quarter. The information was provided by industry sources.
A January 18 article incorrectly stated that VIS chairman Paul Chien confirmed that the foundry partnership between TSMC and VIS for 0.18-micron wafer production will be terminated.
19 Jan 2006
A December 30, 2005 picture has been updated with the correct Transcend DDR2-533 DIMM picture.
A January 18 article should state that there are 111 million Internet users in China, not subscribers.
18 Jan 2006
A January 17 article incorrectly stated that Acer shipped 22-23 million notebooks in the fourth quarter of 2005. The correct figure is 2.2-2.3 million.
17 Jan 2006
A January 17 article incorrectly stated that ChipMOS and Thailin chairman SJ Cheng has been charged with embezzling for his own profit. The charge did not specify any reasons for the alleged embezzlement.
13 Jan 2006
December revenues for Taiwan's IT companies are now available in our financial section.
A January 13 article stated that Inventec expects to ship two million GSM handsets. The correct figure is three million.
10 Jan 2006
A January 9 article incorrectly stated that Arcadyan had revenues of US$18.7 billion in December of last year. The correct figure is US$18.7 million.
6 Jan 2006
A January 6 article incorrectly stated that the 2006 ITRI-UCB Joint Conference was held in Taipei. The conference was held in Hsinchu.
2 Jan 2006
A December 30 article stated that Acer planned to reduce its workforce in Taiwan. The full company name should be Acer Taiwan.