China-based Huawei's worldwide reach
Thursday 9 May 2024
Intel 2Q24 sales to receive minor impact from Huawei export license revocation
Intel confirms that one of its customers' export license was revoked and would impact its second-quarter sales in 2024 to fall to the lower range between its US$12.5-13.5 billion...
Thursday 9 May 2024
Global tablet market welcomes 'new cycle' as 1Q24 shipments show slight recovery
After experiencing a decline over the past two years, the global tablet market finally showed growth in the first quarter of 2024. Among the major brands, Apple saw the biggest decline,...
Tuesday 7 May 2024
Lenovo and Huawei's venture into AI PCs adds fuel to replacement wave in China
The first year of the AI PC era saw major Chinese manufacturers like Lenovo and Huawei aggressively positioning themselves in the AI PC market to capture higher market shares. Looking...
Tuesday 7 May 2024
Huawei's supercharging alliance to push for international standard
Huawei aims to install 100,000 charging piles in China in 2024.
Monday 6 May 2024
Weekly news roundup: How long can China subsidize its semiconductor industry?
These are the most-read DIGITIMES Asia stories in the week of April 29 – May 3.
Friday 3 May 2024
Huawei auto partner Seres starts earning profit while Aito M7 accident creates uncertainty
Chinese carmaker Seres, a Huawei partner, came out of the red in the first quarter of 2024 after experiencing losses for five years. The Aito EVs it co-developed with Huawei have...
Friday 3 May 2024
China's chip self-sufficiency dream a 21st Century Great Leap Forward? How much longer can it subsidize?
Against the backdrop of a secular slowdown in economic growth and a real-estate bubble burst that added debt burdens, how much longer can China continue to subsidize its industries...
Friday 3 May 2024
Catching up the smartphone craze in China: Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo take actions
In the first quarter of 2024, Huawei's revenue and net profit showed remarkable annual growth rates of 37% and 564% respectively.
Friday 3 May 2024
Qualcomm, MediaTek unfazed by Huawei rebound
Leading handset chip vendors Qualcomm and MediaTek are unlikely to be alarmed by Huawei's fast rebound in China's smartphone market, according to industry sources.
Thursday 2 May 2024
In-house AI chip R&D of US, China major CSPs
Chinese and US public cloud providers have invested in self-developed chip projects to achieve cost reduction and service differentiation in cloud services through vertical software...
Tuesday 30 April 2024
Huawei, CATL grow their ecosystems to welcome EV supercharging era
Leading new energy players are establishing their supercharging alliances for EVs.
Monday 29 April 2024
Foldable phones and AI: the driving forces behind 2024's smartphone demand
In the second quarter outlook for 2024, MediaTek has projected a return to normalcy in shipments after inventory restocking by clients in preceding quarters. Anticipating a decline...
Monday 29 April 2024
Weekly news roundup: China's demand for lithography equipment knows no bounds
These are the most-read DIGITIMES Asia stories in the week of April 22 - April 26.
Friday 26 April 2024
Huawei's new phone runs latest version of Made-in-China chip
Huawei Technologies Co.'s latest smartphones carry a version of the advanced made-in-China processor it revealed last year, independent analysis revealed, underscoring the Chinese...
Friday 26 April 2024
Huawei's 7nm chip capability and HBM development reflect China's advanced processes ambition
Huawei continues its relentless journey towards chip self-sufficiency, showcasing signs of China's further advancements in advanced manufacturing processes.