Domination of Western Digital and Seagate in the HDD industry
In the wake of Seagate's completion of acquisition of Samsung Electronics' hard disc drive (HDD) business, the HDD industry is expected to be dominated by Western Digital and Seagate in 2012.
Thursday 8 December 2011
Western Digital to set up SSD R&D center in Taiwan
Western Digital is set to establish an R&D center in Hsinchu, Taiwan, focusing on solid state drives (SSD) and will recruit about 50 engineers from Taiwan, according to the com...
Wednesday 4 May 2011
Seagate to control 40% of HDD market with Samsung acquisition, says IHS iSuppli
Seagate Technology's recent buyout of Samsung Electronics' hard disk drive (HDD) business will considerably boost the newly merged entity's overall standing, with combined shipments...
Tuesday 19 April 2011
Seagate buying Samsung HDD department rumor unlikely to occur shortly
Rumor about hard drive maker Seagate may purchase Samsung Electronics' hard drive business has been spreading in IT market after report about Samsung considering selling its hard...
Friday 11 March 2011
Digitimes Insight: WD buys HGST to increase HDD market share
Japan-based Hitachi on March 7 announced that it has sold subsidiary Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST), a top three hard disk drive (HDD) maker globally, to Western Digital...
Tuesday 8 March 2011
Western Digital to become dominate HDD maker with Hitachi acquisition, says iSuppli
With its purchase of Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST), hard drive maker Western Digital (WDC) will pad its lead in the global hard disk drive (HDD) market, giving...
Wednesday 23 February 2011
Western Digital unseats Seagate in 2010, says Information Network
Western Digital (WD) took command of the hard disk drive (HDD) market in 2010 from long-time leader Seagate on the strength of its market momentum in mobile computing, according to...