Back-to-school demand not as good as expected in 2013
The back-to-school season is one of the major sales events of the PC industry; however, related demand in 2013 is weaker than expected, causing channle retailers having troubles digesting their inventories.
Monday 9 September 2013
Taiwan market: Back-to-school notebook sales may drop 20-30% on year
Taiwan's notebook sales during the back-to-school season in 2013 may drop 20-30% compared to those in 2012 despite the fact that channel retailers and brand vendors have been aggressively...
Thursday 29 August 2013
Taiwan market: Acer offers sub-NT$20,000 Haswell notebook
Acer has recently cut the price of a notebook featuring a Haswell-based Core i5 processor to below NT$20,000 (US$667) in Taiwan and is aiming to compete for the back-to-school demand...
Tuesday 20 August 2013
Taiwan market: Retailers not stocking as much inventory for back-to-school season as in previous years
With the PC industry suffering from a downturn, channel retailers are active about offering new promotions in Taiwan, but their inventory preparation for the back-to-school season...
Wednesday 24 July 2013
HP to release US$99 tablet through Wal-Mart for back-to-school demand
Hewlett-Packard (HP) reportedly will launch a US$99 tablet and will cooperate with Wal-Mart to sell the device in the US retail channel, targeting back-to-school demand, according...
Friday 19 July 2013
Channel retailers see trouble clearing PC inventories
The retail channel is currently facing serious excessive inventory troubles as most retailers are still unable to finish digesting their Ivy Bridge-based PC inventories and could...
Tuesday 9 July 2013
Taiwan retailers stocking fewer notebooks for summer 2013
Seeing that notebook demand may be weaker than expected during the summer, Taiwan channel retailers have prepared less inventory for the summer. Inventory for the back-to-school season...
Wednesday 8 May 2013
Taiwan market: Channels begin to clear old models before launch of Haswell
As Intel will unveil Haswell in early June, retail channels in the Taiwan market have begun to clear notebooks and desktops by lowering prices by 10% on average, while some models...