Tuesday 2 April 2024
Xiaomi EV sheds light on issues of Apple's car project
Two pieces of news regarding smartphone makers-turned-car producers stood out in the first quarter of 2024: Apple reportedly canceled its vehicle project, and Xiaomi rolled out its...
Monday 1 April 2024
Tesla China price hike meets slew of cuts from other carmakers
China's automakers are piling in to take advantage of Tesla Inc.'s recent price hike and defend against Xiaomi Corp.'s disruptive market entry, offering sweeteners such as subsidies...
Monday 1 April 2024
Is vehicle data the real ambition behind Xiaomi's auto market entry?
Xiaomi finally launched its first EV, the SU7.
Friday 29 March 2024
Targeting Tesla Model 3, Xiaomi's first EV stirs up intense Chinese market
Xiaomi secured 50,000 firm orders for its first electric sedan, SU7, 27 minutes after it began receiving orders on the night of March 28.
Thursday 28 March 2024
Xiaomi's $8 billion rally at stake as costly EV bet makes debut
Xiaomi Corp.'s $8 billion stock rally faces a key test when the Chinese smartphone giant unveils its first electric vehicle Thursday, as it attempts to muscle into an unfamiliar and...
Thursday 28 March 2024
Auto suppliers not that excited about Xiaomi's SU7
Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is on track to launch its first battery EV (BEV), SU7, on the evening of March 28.
Tuesday 12 March 2024
Xiaomi surges most in year after setting up showdown with Tesla
Xiaomi Corp.'s shares had their biggest intraday jump in more than a year after the company announced it would start selling its long-awaited electric vehicles this month.
Monday 11 March 2024
Weekly news roundup: Xiaomi 14 Ultra ushers in the era of satellite-enabled smartphones
These are the most-read DIGITIMES Asia stories in the week of March 4 – March 8
Thursday 7 March 2024
Satellite wars: Xiaomi challenges Apple and Huawei with 14 Ultra
In the wake of Apple and Huawei's trailblazing efforts, Xiaomi's latest offering, the 14 Ultra, is making waves yet again, heralding a new era in mobile communication. With satellite...
Tuesday 5 March 2024
Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun advocates green manufacturing, AI talent, and EV safety at China's Two Sessions
Xiaomi Group's Chairman and CEO, Lei Jun, has unveiled four pivotal national initiatives during China's "Two Sessions," addressing critical areas in AI talent training and sustaina...
Monday 4 March 2024
Chinese chip industry's space race behind the curtain of MWC 2024
On the sidelines of the overarching US-China tech rivalry unfolding across multiple domains, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2024 took place between Feb. 26 - 29, featuring...
Monday 4 March 2024
As mobile industry giants arrive at the EV ball Apple pulls a Houdini
Apple left the building before the EV party started.
Friday 1 March 2024
Something tricky this way comes as China's EV empire grows
The aggressive market capture tactics, employed by Chinese car manufacturers, present fresh challenges for the global electric vehicle (EV) industry.
Thursday 29 February 2024
Chinese smartphone brands tussle for position in satellite communication competition
Satellite communication is gradually becoming a standard feature in high-end smartphones. Shortly after the Lunar New Year holidays, Chinese smartphone brands Oppo and Xiaomi introduced...
Thursday 29 February 2024
Xiaomi and Honor challenge Apple in Europe with AI smartphones
China-based smartphone brands have made a splash at this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC, seizing the opportunity to make a strong impression in the European market. At MWC 2024,...
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