Wednesday 22 August 2012
Nokia accounts for 59% of global Windows Phone market in July, says Localytics
Nokia has cemented itself as the world's largest Windows Phone manufacturer, accounting for 59% of all Windows Phone devices seen in July, according to mobile application research...
Monday 21 May 2012
China market: Booming sales of Windows Phones could be short-lived, say sources
Nokia's Lumia smartphones are currently enjoying booming sales in China, but some industry sources fear the brisk sales could be short-lived.
Saturday 4 February 2012
Smartphone and PC vendors to treat WP8 differently, say sources
Although information indicates that Microsoft's next-generation handset platform, Windows Phone 8 (WP8), will support an array of technologies and functionalities, including dual-core...
Monday 21 November 2011
Nokia increasing orders to Taiwan-based upstream suppliers
With the launch of its Windows Phone 7.5-based Lumia smartphones, Nokia has stepped up its purchases of parts and components from Taiwan-based upstream suppliers, according to sources...
Thursday 13 October 2011
Taiwan market: CHT to launch HTC Mango phones in November
Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) will begin to market HTC's two Mango phones, the HTC Titan and HTC Radar, in the Taiwan market from November 1. CHT will also launch a value-added service center,...
Thursday 13 October 2011
Microsoft Mango system will rise, says HTC executive
President of High Tech Computer (HTC) North Asia Jack Tung, commenting on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.5 Mango system, pointed out that the smartphone industry is developing into an...
Wednesday 28 September 2011
Samsung, ZTE unveil Mango smartphones
Samsung Electronics and ZTE both have unveiled their first Windows Phone (Mango) smartphones, the Omnia and Tania, respectively, to test the market, according to industry sources.
Friday 2 September 2011
HTC unveils 2 new Windows Phone smartphones
HTC has unveiled two Windows Phone (Mango)-based smartphones, the HTC Titan and HTC Radar.
Wednesday 24 August 2011
Taiwan should not overlook Korea moving to develop open-source smartphones
The Taiwan government and handset makers should not overlook the intention's of the government in Korea to develop new open-source operating systems (OS) for mobile phones, although...
Friday 29 July 2011
Mango phones to compete with new iPhone in September
Branded handset vendors including HTC, Samsung Electronics, and LG Electronics all plan to launch Microsoft's Mango-based smartphones in September, competing neck and neck with the...
Wednesday 8 June 2011
Windows 8 Preview to bring 4 major factors to mobile device industry, says Digitimes Research
Microsoft's display, at Computex 2011, of the touch controls of Windows 8 using the company's technologies from Windows Phone 7's Metro UI. Digitimes Research believes Microsoft using...
Friday 4 March 2011
Taiwan handset makers developing WP7-enabled phones
Some Taiwan-based ODM/OEM handset makers have stepped up their development of Windows Phone 7-enabled phones eyeing possible orders from telecom carriers and Nokia.
Wednesday 23 February 2011
Cross-platform development based on Windows Phone 7
Have you ever heard of an application, Lovely Time? It is a time-telling app that shows the smile of Taiwan girls. On the other hand, Arock has a cross-desktop, mobile, and web application...
Friday 21 January 2011
Sony Ericsson 2010 results on firm footing, to benefit Taiwan handset makers
Handset vendor Sony Ericsson turned in four straight profitable quarters in 2010 thanks to a successful corporate structure makeover that saw the company let go 4,000 employees and...
Tuesday 21 December 2010
Taiwan handset makers doubt competitiveness of reported Nokia-Microsoft cooperation in smartphone
In response to reports that Nokia is negotiating with Microsoft about the possibility of adopting Windows Phone 7 (WP7) with integration of Nokia elements for its new smartphone models,...
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