Tuesday 21 May 2024
Wi-Fi 7 inventories rising in anticipation of momentum in 2H24
Even though Taiwan-based IC design firms expect Wi-Fi 7 penetration rates to remain in the single digits in 2024, multiple sources in the semiconductor supply chain note that manufacturers...
Friday 26 April 2024
Australian IC design house Morse Micro opens Taipei office
Morse Micro, a Sydney-based developer of Wi-Fi HaLow microprocessors, has established a branch office in Taipei to express its commitment to Taiwan.
Tuesday 9 April 2024
Wi-Fi 7 penetration in consumer electronics products to be moderate in 2024
Numerous large-scale consumer electronics applications are anticipated to adopt Wi-Fi 7 this year, but market penetration for the year is expected to remain modest, according to industry...
Friday 22 December 2023
Apple's Wi-Fi chip self-development remains a challenging venture, according to industry assessment
Recently, there has been a lot of news on the market regarding Apple's Wi-Fi chips. This includes MediaTek products potentially entering the Apple supply chain through non-mainstream...
Friday 7 July 2023
Switch chips to remain slow through 2023, says Realtek
Realtek Semiconductor said prospects for consumer electronics remain unclear into the second half of 2023, especially with PC application customers continuing to place short lead-time...
Monday 24 April 2023
Wi-Fi chip prices under downward pressure in the short term
Demand for Ethernet chips and Wi-Fi chips are picking up on rush replenishment orders for PC and other consumer applications, but whether the recovery momentum can last into the second...
Friday 3 March 2023
Taiwan Wi-Fi chip designers eye orders from telecom carriers in US and Europe
Demand for Wi-Fi main chips is expected to resume growth starting the second quarter and benefit related Taiwan-based chip designers including MediaTek, Realtek, and Richwave, according...
Tuesday 7 February 2023
MediaTek, Realtek await pick-up in orders for Wi-Fi chips
Both MediaTek and Realtek Semiconductor believe that a wave of Wi-Fi 6/6E upgrades is still in progress and that basic demand has not abated. Wi-Fi chip sales can still contribute...
Friday 28 October 2022
RichWave expects orders to pick up substantially in 1H23
Taiwan-based RichWave Technology, which specializes in Wi-Fi FEM (front-end module) solutions, expects a substantial pick-up in customer orders as early as the first half of 2023.
Wednesday 26 October 2022
Wi-Fi chip prices come under downward pressure
Wi-Fi chip prices have come under downward pressure as suppliers see inventory swell, according to industry sources. Pressure is coming from an overall decline in Wi-Fi chip demand...
Friday 29 July 2022
Realtek remains upbeat about Wi-Fi chip demand
Wi-Fi and other network chip demand will remain strong in the second half of 2022 despite the weakness in demand for consumer electronics applications, according to Realtek Semicon...