Wednesday 23 November 2022
VR headset sales to hit 12.5 million in 2022, says Omdia
Consumer virtual reality (VR) will be worth US$6.9 billion in 2022, increasing to US$20 billion in 2027, according to Omdia's Consumer VR Headset and Content Revenue Forecast 2022-2027...
Wednesday 23 November 2022
GSEO sees promising demand for AR/VR lenses
Optical lens module maker Genius Electronic Optical (GSEO), which saw its shipments for high-end smartphones buoy revenue during the third quarter of 2022, has seen good demand for...
Friday 18 November 2022
Taiwan chipmakers eyeing metalens opportunities
Taiwan-based III-V semiconductor and optical sensor companies are all gearing up for a boom in demand for metalens-based VR and AR devices from Meta, Sony and other vendors, according...
Wednesday 19 October 2022 creates interactive virtual AI companion with 'personality engine'
Startup team is making an attempt to bring animated characters on the other side of the screen to life using AI technology. By giving them personality and social capabilities,...
Monday 17 October 2022
MiniLED is superior in VR while microLED in AR
Along with fast development of metaverse applications, display technology plays an important role. miniLED has gained the upper hand in head-mounted VR devices while microLED is expected...
Monday 17 October 2022
Meta Quest Pro solidifies miniLED place in VR devices
Meta's new VR headset Quest Pro comes equipped with high-resolution display performance that has solidified miniLED's place in high-end VR devices.
Thursday 13 October 2022
Meta Quest Pro promises more competition in commercial VR market
In 2022, Meta has been focusing more on its commercial VR market operations due to the pandemic changing the way people work. Besides the Meta Quest Pro's emphasis on commercial use,...
Thursday 6 October 2022
Epistar reportedly becomes exclusive supplier of miniLED chips for Meta
LED epitaxial wafer and chip maker Epistar has reportedly supplied COB (chip on board)-based miniLED chips used in VR head-mounted devices exclusively for Meta and has begun small-volume...
Tuesday 13 September 2022
HTC releases eye-tracking, expression detection kits for Vive Focus 3 VR headset
HTC has launched its eye-tracking and facial expression detection units for its Vive Focus 3 standalone VR headset, offering users more natural and immersive VR experiences, according...
Wednesday 24 August 2022
Sensor backend specialists gearing up for metaverse device boom
Sensor backend specialists, such as VisEra Technologies and Xintec, are gearing up for a metaverse device demand boom.
Wednesday 10 August 2022
HTC showcases new virtual production solution at Siggraph
HTC has teamed up with Departure Lounge and Arcturus to showcase its new virtual production solution Vive Mars CamTrack at the Siggraph 2022 held in Vancouver, Canada from August...
Monday 8 August 2022
WiAdvance Technology unveils 5G-based AI smart solution for 360-degree VR panoramic concerts
WiAdvance Technology, Wistron's subsidiary provider of cloud computing solutions based on public cloud platforms and hybrid cloud architectures, unveiled on July 26 an in-house 5G-based...
Friday 29 July 2022
GSEO gearing up for AR/VR device boom
Optical lens module maker Genius Electronic Optical (GSEO) has stepped up its deployment in the augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) device market, expecting sales generated...
Tuesday 26 July 2022
Young Optics gearing up for metaverse device boom
Optical component and module maker Young Optics expects to kick off shipments for metaverse device applications between the end of 2022 and early 2023.
Thursday 21 July 2022
3D sensor demand to boom for metaverse hardware
Metaverse hardware is seen as the next "killer app" for the 3D optical sensor market, prompting compound semiconductor and optical sensor suppliers to team up to develop metaverse...
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