Thursday 29 February 2024
Taiwan's venture capital sector faces challenges as Singapore and Japan surge ahead
In Taiwan, the venture capital scene has reached a significant milestone, marking its 40th year of development. Despite Taiwan's impressive track record in the technology sector,...
Monday 8 January 2024
Taiwanese corporations urged to accelerate corporate venture capital amid global economic shifts
Amid the 2023 global economic downturn, many capital investments retracted, but experts stress that this period offers a strategic opportunity for corporate investment and the infusion...
Friday 27 October 2023
SMIC stepping up SiC deployment
Chinese foundry Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC) has formed a joint venture, Xinlian Power Technology, with capital from XPeng Motors, Luxshare Precision Industry,...
Tuesday 26 September 2023
South Korea to invest KRW2.2 trillion in building advanced industry clusters
The South Korean government plans to invest KRW2.2 trillion (US$1.66 billion) in the next five years to strengthen the competitiveness of cutting-edge industries such as semiconductors,...
Wednesday 9 August 2023
Chinese RISC-V startups rise as market darlings, jostle for venture capital funds
Throughout the history of instruction set architectures (ISA), the once-dominant x86 architecture encountered stiff competition from Arm architecture in smartphone era. Now, it appears...
Monday 3 July 2023
LG executives gather in Silicon Valley to discuss open innovation
Korea's LG Group has been actively investing in startups related to battery, bio-med, clean technology, and IT components. Its venture capital subsidiary, LG Technology Ventures (LGTV)...
Monday 6 February 2023
Building Taiwan's international startup team to connect with international talents, markets, and capital
Mr. Wufu Chen, Chairman of Acorn Campus Taiwan pointed out that, facing a new wave of lifestyle paradigm shift, he and his company will assist Taiwan in forming an international team...
Wednesday 1 February 2023
Top Taiwan Venture Capital optimistic about development opportunities in new economy & Taiwan's competitive industries
In its early days, Top Taiwan Venture Capital mostly focused on investing in enterprises in their expansion and mature stages, as well as in electronic technology industries. It has...
Thursday 24 November 2022
Taiwan strait tensions won't affect startups, says Tim Draper
Silicon Valley VC Tim Draper stated in his visit to Taiwan that the threat of war won't affect startups, using Israel as a prime example. He also pointed out China's strict controls...
Wednesday 21 September 2022
Thai corporate VCs are sucking up all the oxygen
Thailand has a plethora of innovative startups, from artificial intelligence to agricultural technology, but their progress is stymied by a huge problem that threatens the nation's...
Monday 29 August 2022
Health and energy sectors headline VC trends
The Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER) has released a report of Taiwan's venture capital (VC) investment trend, showing that VCs have displayed a trend of "lower quantity...
Friday 1 July 2022
Xiaomi may renew mobile SoC development via new IC design JV
Chinese handset vendor Xiaomi recently has deepened its in-house chip development by investing in a new semiconductor company, sparking market speculation that Xiaomi may renew development...
Friday 22 April 2022
China SiC substrate supplier to raise funds through IPO
TankeBlue Semiconductor, a Beijing-based silicon carbide (SiC) substrate supplier, plans to raise funds through an IPO to enhance its working capital for technology R&D and production...
Friday 1 April 2022
WeLion New Energy attracts investments from Xiaomi, Huawei
EV battery startup WeLion New Energy Technology has drawn investments from venture capital arms of both Xiaomi and Huawei, which has boosted its registered capital to CNY61.36 million...
Monday 28 March 2022
Taiwan Taxi garners US$5 million venture capital
Taiwan Taxi's 55688 app is already the largest mobile platform in Taiwan, with about 6.5 million users, according to venture capital firm Headline Asia, which has just announced a...
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