Friday 20 October 2023
Samsung moves to restructure UTG supply chain for foldable smartphones
Corning reportedly is set to exclusively supply ultra-thin tempered glass (UTG) for Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Z Flip 5. This move could potentially confirm the speculation that...
Thursday 12 October 2023
NYCU, TSMC researchers unveil innovative approach to modulate threshold voltage in ultra-thin semiconductors
On October 11, Taiwan's National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) announced a groundbreaking research achievement in collaboration with TSMC, which has been published in the...
Wednesday 11 May 2022
NeoGene unveils novel ultra-thin heat-pipe-array vapor chamber technology for ultra-high-density power battery pack application
NeoGene Tech, a Guangzhou-based technology platform provider for mobile device thermal management, has unveiled a breakthrough solution for ultra-high-packaging-density power battery...
Friday 29 April 2022
MA-tek enjoys robust chip analysis orders for advanced processes
IC analysis and certification lab Material Analysis Technology (MA-tek) continues to enjoy a rapid rise in analysis demand for sub-7nm chips, particularly 3/2nm process now under...
Monday 17 January 2022
Jieqiao reaches MagicWick-Inside Platform license agreement with NeoGene Tech, stepping into ultra-thin and big-size vapor chamber device production
Suzhou-based professional thermal module maker, Jieqiao Electronics Technology, announces it has reached a formal technology license agreement with NeoGene Tech to adopt MagicWick-Inside...
Thursday 22 July 2021
E Ink and Ricoh launch ultra-thin digital whiteboards
Taiwan-based digital paper solution provider, E Ink Holdings, and Ricoh have jointly unveiled an ultra-thin digital whiteboard, with applications across medical, construction, and...
Monday 5 July 2021
The world's biggest micro heat pipe maker enters fully-automated ultra-thin MagicWick-Inside vapor chamber production
YCTek, the world biggest micro heat pipe manufacturer, has reached a formal patent license agreement with NeoGene Tech to adopt PWS (Print Wick Structuring) approach and MagicWick-Inside...
Friday 28 May 2021
Acer intros new Chromebook, notebook series for WFH users
Acer has introduced a new lineup of Chromebooks, gaming and ultra-thin notebooks targeted at users working and learning from home.
Tuesday 25 May 2021
Murata, Cooler Master announce ultra-thin vapor chamber
Murata Manufacturing and Cooler Master have jointly developed a vapor chamber with thickness of only 200um for electronics devices.
Wednesday 7 April 2021
Acer optimistic about 2Q21 shipments in Asia Pacific
Acer expects shipments into Asia Pacific to grow sequentially in the second quarter thanks to the stay-at-home economy driven by the coronavirus pandemic, according to the company's...
Monday 18 January 2021
Notebook brands unveil innovations at CES 2021
At CES 2021's online exhibition, many notebook brand vendors showcased gaming products featuring higher resolution panels, new type of Chromebooks and dual-screen models eyeing the...
Wednesday 18 November 2020
NeoGene Tech unveils ultrathin MagicWick technology at 10um to push vapor chamber application in OLED display
NeoGene Tech has unveiled a breakthrough technology to fabricate a porous wick structure with thickness at only 10-micron, enabling ultrathin vapor chamber devices in large area with...
Friday 6 November 2020
Second-tier foundries eyeing bigger share in 8-inch foundry market
With 8-inch wafer fabrication demand rising rapidly for chips including ultra-thin fingerprint sensors, power management ICs, MOSFET chips and display driver ICs, second-tier foundries...
Tuesday 18 August 2020
Samsung announces silicon-proven 3D IC technology
Samsung Electronics has announced the immediate availability of its silicon-proven 3D IC packaging technology, eXtended-Cube (X-Cube), for today's most advanced process nodes.
Monday 17 August 2020
NeoGene unveils MagicWick-Inside platform for fabricating ultra-thin vapor chamber used in 5G smartphone thermal management applications
As demand for 5G mobile phones increases, the vapor chamber (VC) is emerging to become a key component in 5G smartphone thermal management. Competition is keen among vapor chamber...