Monday 3 October 2022
To enhance supply chain resilience, Taiwan makers can go two ways, says Getac Holdings CEO
With the recent severe shake-ups of the industry, enhancing supply chain resilience has become a focus for many. For Taiwanese makers, there are currently two ways to go; either go...
Friday 30 September 2022
CHT transforming into ICT system integration provider, eyeing international market
Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) is on track to gradually transform itself from a telecom services provider into an ICT system integration supplier by leveraging the growingly mature AI, 5GT,...
Wednesday 28 September 2022
Supply Chain Summit: Winbond set to reap big in high-capacity flash memory for car uses
The memory industry is being greatly affected by the cyclical fluctuations of the economy, but automotive and industrial control applications have become the mainstay for NOR and...
Wednesday 28 September 2022
Supply Chain Summit: New fabs to boost TI's output for automotive
Texas Instruments (TI) will have two new 300mm fabs come online between the end of 2022 and early 2023, with the additional output poised to meet chip demand coming from the automotive...
Wednesday 28 September 2022
Supply Chain Summit: Golden era of globalization ends while ESG comes into limelight
On the second day of the DIGITIMES Asia-hosted Supply Chain Summit, experts shed light on ESG compliance challenges on the global supply chain. Harvard Business School professor Willy...
Wednesday 28 September 2022
Supply Chain Summit: Foxconn gearing up to set up zero-carbon value chains worldwide
How to acieve net zero emissions is emerging as a priority concern for supply chain players facing related requirements from major brand clients. In this regard, Foxconn Technology's...
Wednesday 28 September 2022
Supply Chain Summit: With green manufacturing imminent, how does one find balance between sustainability and cost?
Finding the balance between sustainability and green costs is a crucial direction for the manufacturing sector's sustained development, according to French energy solutions provider...
Wednesday 28 September 2022
Supply Chain Summit: Experts see India's and ASEAN's opportunities in charting a middle path between US and China
A part of the Supply Chain Summit hosted by DIGITIMES Asia on September 27 in Taipei, the panel "From Economics to Politics, a Comprehensive Analysis of the Global Supply Chain Layout"...
Wednesday 28 September 2022
Supply Chain Summit: India auto industry shows resilience amid challenges, says Tata Motors
The economy is heading towards inflation, but unlike European or US economies, India has seen an inflation at around 7% so far this year. The country still has a high potential for...
Tuesday 27 September 2022
Supply Chain Summit: Win the long game, learn new skills, have new partners, play local
The global supply chain is entering uncharted waters where geopolitical power struggle, climate change, and economic uncertainties are coalescing into a perfect storm, and old playbooks...
Tuesday 27 September 2022
Supply Chain Summit: Golden decade lying ahead for Taiwan, says DIGITIMES Asia president
Taiwan, which boasts a world-class ecosystem, can expect to have a golden decade in the next 10 years, according DIGITIMES Asia president Colley Hwang.
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