Monday 31 January 2022
PoC of smart street lamp poles kicks off in Taiwan
The 5G Smart Pole Standard Promotion Alliance on January 25 started a one-year PoC (proof of concept) project for smart LED street lamp poles that integrate smart street lighting...
Monday 21 January 2019
Lite-On Tech smart LED streetlamp shipments double in 2018
EMS provider Lite-On Technology has reported its smart LED streetlamp shipments doubled in 2018 on year, accounting for 10% of total LED streetlamp shipments.
Thursday 25 October 2018
Leotek upgrades LED street lamps based on connectivity platforms
Leotek, an LED street lighting solution business group under EMS provider Lite-On Technology, has upgraded LED street lamps from Infrastructure as a Service originally to Connectivity...
Wednesday 26 September 2018
Taiwan Edison unveils PV- and wind-powered LED streetlamp
Taiwan Edison Creative Technology has unveiled an LED street lamp independently powered by a PV module, a 1,150W mini wind turbine in combination with a 1,200W energy storage batte...
Tuesday 5 December 2017
Smart city to develop fast amid AI, IoT applications, says expert
The raging development of AI (artificial intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud computing applications will bring drastic changes to human life, and smart cities, particularly,...
Friday 18 August 2017
Leotek expects 40-50% growth in 2018 LED smart streetlamp shipments
Leotek Electronics, a subsidiary of EMS provider Lite-On Technology, has obtained orders for more than 100,000 LED smart streetlamps via open-bid competition in Taiwan, the US, the...
Thursday 27 April 2017
Lite-On Technology expects huge growth in smart LED street lamp shipment in 2017
EMS provider Lite-On Technology expects shipments of smart LED street lamps in 2017 to be five times those in 2016, taking up 5% of total LED street lamp shipments, according to the...
Friday 5 December 2014
Connected street lighting market expected to reach US$450 million in 2018, says IHS
The market for connected street lighting is currently worth around US$104 million, but with global shipments of connected street lights expected to increase four-fold over the next...
Wednesday 29 October 2014
Lite-On, Delta win New Taipei LED streetlamp contracts
New Taipei has adopted a PFI (private finance initiative) scheme to replace streetlamps with LED models in the northern Taiwanese city. Lite-On Technology and Delta Electronics have...
Friday 21 March 2014
Delta Electronics develops smart LED street lamp systems
Delta Electronics has finished developing smart LED street lamp systems, integrating its power management and heat dissipation solutions as well as data center and networking technologies...
Thursday 20 March 2014
Leadray Energy becomes largest LED street lamp supplier in Taiwan
LED lighting supplier Leadray Energy has cumulatively shipped nearly 80,000 street lamps to local governments in Taiwan and has become their largest supplier since 2010, according...
Tuesday 10 December 2013
Genesis Photonics looks to LED street lamp demand in China
LED epitaxial wafer and chip maker Genesis Photonics plans to compete for orders for LED street lamps from local governments in China in 2014, with such lamps to be made from its...
Tuesday 5 March 2013
Global LED street lamp output value to grow 46% on-year in 2013
The global outdoor LED lighting market grew significantly in 2012. In particular, China's newly installed LED street lamps accounted for 30% of global installations in 2012. Market...
Tuesday 8 January 2013
Lite-On Technology, Everlight expected to have advantages competing for Kaohsiung LED street lamp bids
The government of Kaohsiung City, southern Taiwan, is in the administrative process to procure 60,000 LED street lamps through an open-bid. Lite-On Technology and Everlight Electronics...
Wednesday 2 January 2013
Taiwan begins LED street lamp replacement project
To reduce carbon emissions, Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs has begun promoting an LED street lamp replacement project.
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