Wednesday 20 December 2023
Shifting tides: the challenges reshaping solar and EV industries in the West
The future appeared bright for solar energy (PV) and electric vehicles (EV) over the past few years. However, unexpected market developments have triggered concerns among supply chains...
Monday 11 December 2023
US weighs tariffs on global aluminum: potential impact on solar manufacturing and supply chains
The US Department of Commerce is gearing up to impose anti-dumping (AD) and countervailing (CVD) duties on aluminum extrusions from 15 countries, including China, Mexico, Turkey,...
Monday 11 December 2023
Chinese solar module market sees intense competition as prices fall below CNY 1
The Chinese solar module market is currently experiencing intense price competition, with large module projects seeing bidding prices fall below CNY 1, causing a stir in the industry...
Friday 1 December 2023
Avilon solar panel inspection in Thailand
Avilon Intelligence, a leading drone manufacturer, has introduced its new service for solar panel inspection. Through collaboration with Qualcomm, Avilon has developed a proprietary...
Wednesday 15 November 2023
The scale of China's solar energy capacity that meets global demand for the next decade?
In 2024, China is poised to achieve a total solar industry capacity of 1,000 GW, a level that can meet global demand for the next decade. Despite Europe and the US grappling with...
Monday 13 November 2023
How solar fish farms boost Taiwan's energy transition
Since Taiwan published its "Pathway to Net-Zero Emissions in 2050" early last year, the region has made great strides toward a wider adoption of renewable energy. In March 2023, the...
Monday 30 October 2023
Circular economy (1)Recycling of solar panels (part 1)
Circular economy is an economic system focusing on the reuse or regeneration of products or materials. The concept is to extend the life cycle of materials and products through 5Rs--reducing,...
Friday 20 October 2023
Sharp's lawsuit Against Trina Solar signals the need for Taiwanese PV import regulations
Reports from international sources have shed light on a legal battle within the ICC International Court of Arbitration, where Sharp has initiated a lawsuit against Chinese solar PV...
Tuesday 17 October 2023
United Renewable Energy to finalize its new Group 3 compound semiconductor business plan by end of the year
Sam Hong, Chairman of United Renewable Energy (URE), announced on October 16 that the firm is looking to expand into new business areas and the first field under consideration is...
Friday 6 October 2023
TSGC establishes circular economy ecosystem - exclusive technology solves the challenges of end-of-life PV panels
The world has come to a consensus over the importance of developing renewable energies to mitigate the greenhouse effect and decrease our over-reliance on fossil fuels. In particular,...
Wednesday 27 September 2023
No incineration, no pollution! TSGC Technologies develops solar panel recycling equipment to realize recycling and reuse
Countries around the world are promoting renewable energy, for which solar power accounts for over half of green electricity. However, solar panels have a service life of less than...
Wednesday 30 August 2023
How do perovskite and silicon-based solar cells coexist?
The emergence of third-generation perovskite solar cells (PSC), which have recently transitioned from various national laboratories, raises questions about their co-development alongside...
Wednesday 30 August 2023
Will PV and LED's boom-and-crash history repeat in SiC semiconductors?
Recent reports from the cross-strait supply chain indicate that a major Chinese new energy vehicle manufacturer had ambitious plans early this year to make significant inroads into...
Wednesday 23 August 2023
Reliance reportedly to commission solar module facility by March 2024
Reliance Industries (Reliance), a conglomerate looking to build one of the world's largest integrated renewable energy manufacturing facilities in India, is reportedly planning to...
Tuesday 8 August 2023
Daanaa's power transaction technology is revolutionizing the solar power industry
In the ever-expanding field of clean energy, Canada-based startup Daanaa is making waves with its groundbreaking power transaction technology. Founded in 2018, Daanaa has developed...
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