Friday 22 March 2024
Time to invest in Taiwan's drones as flying taxis become boring
Air taxis are set to become part of everyday life.
Friday 19 February 2021
Shuttle to boost presence in non-PC sectors
Shuttle has terminated its low-margin notebook OEM business, and is looking to enhance its presence in non-PC offerings, such as medical care IT products, according to company president...
Tuesday 12 January 2021
VIA, Shuttle see growing profitability from non-PC business
VIA Technologies and Shuttle are both expected to see rising profits in the next few years thanks to contribution by their non-PC businesses.
Friday 11 December 2020
Shuttle steps into medical application
Shuttle, which specializes in PC barebone systems, has been transforming its business, expecting to return to profitability in 2020, according to company president Andy Cheng.
Wednesday 20 November 2019
Autonomous shuttle buses running in Taiwan resort
A theme park in central Taiwan has adopted four autonomous shuttle buses developed by Turing Drive, according to Turing CEO David Shen.
Friday 28 June 2019
Shuttle eyeing return to profitability
Shuttle, which is primarily focusing on own-brand mini PC and notebook OEM businesses, has crossed into the development of object identification, AIoT and long-term care solutions,...
Monday 6 May 2019
Taiwan makers focus on self-driving shuttle buses
Taiwan-based makers' development of self-driving solutions focus on shuttle buses along fixed routes within closed or semi-closed areas such as amusement parks and airports.
Wednesday 29 August 2018
Driverless vehicles serve urban and rural areas differently
While mature infrastructures, stable system technologies, sound supervision regulations and public acceptability are required to support the development of driverless vehicles, such...
Tuesday 31 July 2018
Self-driving bus to serve in Taiwan
The government of Taiwan's Yunlin County will operate EZ10, a Level 4 autonomous-driving electric shuttle bus produced by France-based Ligier, for public transportation in a green...
Thursday 19 July 2018
Shuttle welcomes Mstar as new distribution partner in Vietnam
Shuttle, the global leader in small form factor computer technology, today announced the latest addition to its global distributor network as Mstar is named as its new distribution...
Wednesday 26 July 2017
Shuttle may turn profitable in 2Q17, says paper
Taiwan-based barebone system vendor Shuttle is expected to have achieved strong revenues in the second quarter of 2017, which may help the company turn profitable, according to a...
Tuesday 20 December 2016
Shuttle steps into care service management systems
Shuttle has introduced an in-house-developed smart home service solution, that utilizes a cloud-based operational management system to provide long-term care services for the elderly...
Monday 13 June 2016
Shuttle to see strong revenue contribution from non-notebook businesses in 2016
Shuttle, in addition to its existing PC OEM business, XPC barebone and mini PC products, has also been pushing its smart application software business in the past few years and has...
Friday 6 May 2016
Shuttle to decrease capital by 30%
Shuttle on May 5 announced a reduction in paid-in capital by NT$1.05 billion (US$32.3 million) or 30% to NT$2.44 billion.
Wednesday 24 February 2016
New Shuttle mini PC packs Skylake, 4K, and high-end VGA cards
Shuttle announces its latest XPC cube, the SZ170R8, with new "R8" chassis design. Only a fraction of the size of a normal tower PC, this computer can still accommodate four...
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