Monday 20 May 2024
Johor-Singapore Special Economic Zone aims to become 'Shenzhen of Southeast Asia'
Malaysia and Singapore are expected to finalize the memorandum of understanding (MOU) on the Johor-Singapore Special Economic Zone (JS-SEZ), signed in January 2024, into an official...
Friday 17 May 2024
AI PC will become an obsolete term soon, predicts tech titans at pre-Computex 2024 event
The age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the edge is here, companies cannot wait to showcase their solutions and AI PC products at Computex 2024, which will be hosted from June...
Friday 17 May 2024
Generative AI is transforming the game 'from cloud to edge'
The internet giants are building comprehensive ecosystems, in which Generative AI (GenAI) plays a pivotal role. "From cloud to the edge" will be an inevitable trend.
Friday 17 May 2024
'Tencet of Vietnam' VNG teams up with Nvidia, leveraging 1,000 GPUs for AI services
Vietnam's VNG has teamed up with Nvidia, tapping into 1,000 Nvidia GPUs housed in its Thai data center to provide AI and software hosting services.
Friday 17 May 2024
Day zero to one: GECCO bridging the edge and cloud gap with edge computing appliances
Amidst the rapid surge in demand for AI servers driven by the AI boom, edge computing has emerged as the new focal point in the market landscape.
Friday 17 May 2024
IPC makers to take AI competition to the edge
According to Industrial PC (IPC) maker Aaeon, edge computing will be the main battleground in the IPC industry as AI adoption grows. However, product design must go hand in hand with...
Friday 17 May 2024
eYs3D announces new products on human-computer interaction and visual sensing
Etron Technology, along with its multiple subsidiaries, held a press conference before COMPUTEX 2024.
Friday 17 May 2024
IEIT, FII enjoy robust AI server demand in China
Robust AI server demand in China boosted the sales performance of Inspur Electronic Information Industry Systems (IEIT) and Foxconn Industrial Internet (FII) in the first quarter...
Thursday 16 May 2024
Samsung reportedly ditches self-driving EV software to focus on robotic intelligence
Following reports of Apple's withdrawal from the development of self-driving electric vehicles, Samsung Electronics is reportedly discontinuing its preliminary research on software...
Thursday 16 May 2024
Hardware supply chain's pivotal value recognized in Nvidia's strategies
To maintain its leading position in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Nvidia has mastered its CUDA software, constantly emphasized its affiliation with Taiwan and TSMC, and has even secured...
Thursday 16 May 2024
Tencent Cloud collaborates with BRI and Hi Cloud Indonesia to drive banking technology innovation
Tencent Cloud, the cloud business of global technology company Tencent, has recently announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero)...
Thursday 16 May 2024
Quanta's 1Q24 earnings call: opportunities in AI, 3 key factors for upcoming strategies
Quanta released its first quarter financial report during its online earnings call on May 15, noting quarterly growth in gross margin, operating margin, and net income after tax,...
Thursday 16 May 2024
Foxconn, Quanta, Inventec hold advantages in competition for GB200 server orders
As AI continues to be deployed in an ever-increasing range of industries, Cloud Service Providers (CSP) have accordingly increased their investments in AI-related hardware, with Nvidia's...
Wednesday 15 May 2024
Artificial intelligence is bringing an epic change to our lives
From Nvidia and Microsft to Taiwan's TSMC, Quanta, Wistron, and Foxconn, companies are constantly exploring the future of their businesses with the theme of Artificial Intelligence...
Wednesday 15 May 2024
Tech titans turn to Southeast Asia's booming digital market for AI growth
In the past six months, Southeast Asia has become a focal point for CEOs of prominent tech companies such as Nvidia, Apple, and Microsoft, attracting a growing number of enterprises...