Thursday 21 March 2019
Seagate partners with HPE and Nvidia to develop AI-based manufacturing platform
Seagate has announced it has teamed up with HPE and Nvidia to develop its artificial intelligence (AI) platform Project Athena, with which the hard disc drive (HDD) maker's investments...
Thursday 23 August 2018
Seagate sets for robust growth on rising storage demand from datacenters, enterprises
Having delivered strong results for fiscal 2018, Seagate Technology expects its sales to remain on track to robust growth in fiscal 2019, propelled by high HDD demand from the enterprise...
Friday 3 August 2018
Edge computing, AI to drive smart storage development, says Seagate executive
While cloud, IoT (Internet of Things) and big data applications are driving up market demand for high-capacity storage devices, edge computing and AI (artificial intelligence) are...
Wednesday 30 May 2018
Seagate moving to explore huge AI-driven storage biz in Asia Pacific
AI-driven demand for data storage capacity expansion will grow much faster than expected amid ever-advancing AI technologies and applications, as data volume generated by AI technologies...
Monday 29 January 2018
IoT edges to drive demand for advanced data storage solutions, says Seagate executive
Driven by the development of IoT (Internet of Things), cloud, big data and machine learning technologies and applications, aggregate global data volume is estimated to expand exponentially...
Friday 27 October 2017
Seagate sees increased revenues for 3Q17
Seagate has announced revenues of US$2.63 billion for the third quarter of 2017, up from US$2.41 billion a quarter earlier, and some market watchers expect the company's fourth-quarter...
Monday 16 October 2017
Toshiba discloses further investment in 3D NAND flash facility
Toshiba announced recently its board of directors had approved a further investment by Toshiba Memory in production equipment for Fab 6 at its Yokkaichi operations in Mie (Japan).
Friday 29 September 2017
Toshiba seals JPY2 trillion deal with Bain group
Toshiba announced on September 28 the company had signed a deal to sell its memory-chip business - Toshiba Memory - to a group led by Bain Capital for about JPY2 trillion (US$18 bi...
Monday 14 August 2017
Surveillance footage can be used for Big Data purposes, says Seagate executive
Footage from enterprise-use surveillance systems could create business value via AI (artificial intelligence)-based or Big Data analysis, according to Rags Srinivasan, senior director...
Friday 10 March 2017
Seagate Technology focuses HDD R&D on SMR, TDMR, HAMR, says senior VP
Seagate Technology has focused 2016-2020 HDD R&D on shingled magnetic recording (SMR), two-dimensional MR (TDMR) and heat-assisted MR (HAMR), according to company senior vice...
Wednesday 1 March 2017
SSD push for Seagate to complement its HDD business
Hard disk drive (HDD) players such as Seagate, have been pushing into the solid state drive (SSD) market via acquisitions or forming strategic alliances with SSD partners for the...
Tuesday 13 December 2016
Seagate, SK Hynix said to team up for enterprise SSDs
Seagate and SK Hynix will form a joint venture dedicated to developing SSDs for enterprise servers and data centers, according to industry sources.
Tuesday 19 April 2016
QSAN works with Seagate to showcase large-scale high definition IP-camera solution
QSAN Technology, Inc. will showcase over 1,000 high definition IP camera storage solution in Secutech Taipei 2016. QSAN has worked with Seagate to develop a proof-of-concept solution...
Thursday 21 January 2016
Seagate launches 10TB HDD
Seagate has launched 10TB helium hard drives targeting the enterprise sector. The hard disc drive (HDD) has already received orders from players such as Huawei and Alibaba.
Thursday 7 January 2016
Seagate pushing non-PC storage for 2016 with focus on surveillance applications
To strengthen its presence in the Asia Pacific market, Seagate is planning to continue pushing PC HDD sales and launch products for cloud computing, consumer electronics, surveillance...
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