Wednesday 15 February 2023
From wafers to hard drives, Seagate saves over 145 million in FY21 and FY22 with smart manufacturing
Jeffrey Nygaard, Seagate's executive vice president of operations and technology, pointed out that through smart manufacturing, Seagate saved over US$145 million in the past two fiscal...
Wednesday 15 February 2023
Seagate promotes storage as a service as subscription market heats up
With IT subscription services growing fast, hard drive manufacturer Seagate has also launched the Lyve Cloud, a Storage as a Service (STaaS) platform to compete in the market. Jeffrey...
Friday 15 April 2022
Phison expects consumer electronics demand to pick up in 2H22
Consumer electronics (CE) related demand will be picking up in the second half of 2022 despite recent weakness in the area, according to flash device controller supplier Phison Ele...
Wednesday 19 January 2022
Superior Plating obtains new orders for niche-market apps
Superior Plating Technology, dedicated to electroplating and metal surface treatments, has secured new orders for niche-market applications such as server-use cooling modules and...
Thursday 29 July 2021
ASC 100: Fabrinet, optical transceiver manufacturer, makes to the top 10 employers in Thailand
Fabrinet is one of the world's largest manufacturers of optical transceivers. Headquartered in George Town, Cayman island, Fabrinet was founded in 2000 by Seagate co-founder David...
Thursday 15 July 2021
HDD makers to see supply constrained in 2H21
A resurgence of the COVID-19 in Thailand, coupled with shortages of certain chips and components, may disrupt shipments of hard disc drives (HDD) in the second half of 2021 despite...
Tuesday 23 February 2021
Superior Plating to see profits surge in 2021
Superior Plating Technology (SPT), dedicated to metal surface treatment and electroplating processing, is expected to post significant profit growth in 2021 thanks partly to its entry...
Friday 15 January 2021
Seagate to expand HDD storage capacity
With the amount of global data expected to grow over 40% over the next two years, Seagate has recently launched its latest 20TB hard disc drive (HDD) and is set to expand the storage...
Monday 27 April 2020
Western Digital raising enterprise HDD prices
Western Digital reportedly is raising its prices for enterprise-use HDDs to reflect increased costs from production and logistics with mainstream products expected to see more than...
Thursday 12 March 2020
HDD manufacturing cluster formed in Thailand
A cluster of PC hard disk drive (HDD) supply chain makers has been formed in Thailand with Taiwan-based Cal-Comp Electronics & Communications and Quanta Storage also participating,...
Wednesday 7 August 2019
IBM sees magnetic tapes as mainstream data storage media in next decade
While data volume will expand exponentially from proliferating 5G, IoT, and autonomous driving applications, magnetic tapes will remain the mainstream data storage medium in the next...
Tuesday 18 June 2019
HDD makers to scale up production in Thailand
Taiwan-based HDD manufacturers Cal-Comp Electronics & Communications and Quanta Storage have both moved to scale up their output in Thailand at the request of their major clients...
Wednesday 29 May 2019
QSAN and Seagate join forces to boost enterprise data storage safety and security
IoT is already sweeping across industries and geographies and is starting to further combine with AI in recent years to enable AIoT, which will serve as the basis supporting business...
Monday 25 March 2019
AI-enhanced manufacutring: Q&A with Seagate executive VP Jeffrey Nygaard
Seagate has teamed up with HPE and Nvidia to release an AI-based manufacturing platform, Project Athena, in line with the concepts of Industry 4.0, as artificial intelligence gradually...
Thursday 21 March 2019
Seagate partners with HPE and Nvidia to develop AI-based manufacturing platform
Seagate has announced it has teamed up with HPE and Nvidia to develop its artificial intelligence (AI) platform Project Athena, with which the hard disc drive (HDD) maker's investments...
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