Thursday 9 February 2023
Battery makers in US, Europe seeking backup supplies against possible China export ban
Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery supply chain players outside China are moving to seek backup supply packages as they are worried that China's upcoming restrictions on...
Friday 16 December 2022
IC packaging leadframe demand to hit bottom in 1Q23
Leadframe demand for packaging automotive and industrial chips has slightly dropped, and that for consumer electronics ICs continues to be adversely affected by the ongoing inventory...
Monday 5 December 2022
Taiwan power components makers to strengthen support for Tesla in 2023
Taiwan power component makers are expected to see increasing shipments for EV, industrial control and green energy applications in 2023, and particularly will play a more important...
Wednesday 23 November 2022
Korean battery maker rumored to partner with Chinese maker to expand LFP in US
There have been market rumors about a Korean lithium battery maker planning to work together with a Chinese maker to complement each other's technical advantages even before the US...
Thursday 17 November 2022
Chinese battery makers eyeing huge US IRA business opportunities
Despite US-China tensions remaining intense, Chinese lithium battery cell makers are still eager to set up manufacturing operations in the US, eyeing huge business opportunities brought...
Friday 8 July 2022
Leadframe supply for automotive IC packaging remains tight
Leadframe suppliers including Chang Wah Technology (CWTC), Jih Lin Technology and Shuen Der Industry (SDI) continue to see their supply for automotive IC packaging fall short of demand,...
Wednesday 22 June 2022
Taiwan leadframe makers enjoy brisk orders for automotive power modules
Taiwan-based leadframe makers Jih Lin Technology and Shuen Der Industry (SDI) have seen clear order visibility through the end of 2023, buoyed by strong demand for automotive power...
Wednesday 4 May 2022
LGES 1Q22 revenue beats forecast; Samsung SDI hits reord quarterly profits
South Korea-based battery manufacturers reported strong on-year revenue growths in the first quarter of 2022, according to local news outlets.
Monday 25 April 2022
South Korea challenged by China's tight grip on battery materials
South Korea is facing challenges to expand its electric vehicle (EV) battery industry due to soaring costs of raw materials that are tightly controlled by China.
Monday 18 April 2022
Ongoing lockdowns in China threaten disruptions in global electronics supply chain
Lockdowns underway in China to control the spread of COVID-19 are raising the specter of significant disruptions in the global supply chain for electronic components and consumer...
Friday 8 April 2022
Leadframe makers, IDMs team up to serve major EV vendors
Taiwan's major leadframe makers including Jih Lin Technology and SDI are joining forces with international IDMs to supply customized power modules to Tesla and other first-tier EV...
Thursday 7 April 2022
IC packaging leadframe, substrate prices to rise in 2Q22
Suppliers of IC packaging materials including leadframes and substrates are poised to raise their prices in the second quarter to reflect rising raw materials costs, despite a slight...
Thursday 24 March 2022
EV battery report: South Korean companies plan aggressive expansion
South Korea is building up the necessary infrastructure to position itself as a leader in the global electric vehicle (EV) supply chain, with its top three EV battery manufacturers...
Wednesday 16 March 2022
Samsung SDI trims battery pack biz in China
Samsung SDI has been trimming its battery pack manufacturing business in China, having shut down two battery pack subsidiaries there in 2021, according to a Korean media report.
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