Thursday 14 September 2023
Are SiC quotes going down?
Before 2022, one 6-inch SiC wafer without epitaxy produced by European and US foundries cost about US$1,000. While the quote has stayed at the same level for several years, it might...
Thursday 8 June 2023
Samsung to raise NAND wafer prices, sources say
Samsung Electronics has notified module customers it is going to raise the official quotes for NAND wafers, according to industry sources.
Friday 14 April 2023
IC designers facing uphill battle in demanding foundry quote cuts
With TSMC also reportedly to slow down capacity expansions in Taiwan, IC design houses will find it even more difficult to expect a downturn in their chips foundry costs, according...
Wednesday 7 December 2022
Automotive chip IDMs could hardly pass all extra costs to carmakers
With foundries' price negotiations with IDMs and tier-1 suppliers for 2023 reaching an end, foundries are unlikely to cut their prices and the chip vendors will have difficulties...
Tuesday 8 November 2022
Automotive chip migrating to advanced process nodes only increases dependency on mature nodes
Foundries are expected to have more capacities to serve automotive chip clients as their capacity utilization rates for consumer electronics chips are declining amid sluggish end-market...
Monday 22 August 2022
IC design houses mull asking TSMC to halve quote hikes for 2023
Taiwan IC design houses are mulling a move to renegotiate with TSMC on foundry prices for 2023, looking to have the chip manufacturing partner halve its quote hike to 3% for mature...
Monday 6 June 2022
UMC reportedly mulling 6% quote hikes for 22/28nm chips in 2023
United Microelectronics (UMC) reportedly is mulling raising its 2023 quotes by around 6% for 22/28 nm processes that have been in strong demand, despite uncertainties associated with...
Monday 23 May 2022
SMIC, Hua Hong divided over foundry quote hikes
China's top-2 foundries SMIC and Hua Hong Semiconductor have shown mixed views on whether to raise foundry quotes to offset cost increases, while a new wave of price hikes seems to...
Tuesday 5 October 2021
Power management IC prices to rise at slower pace
The supply of power management ICs remains extremely tight, but the chip prices are expected to rise at a slower pace as clients are increasingly reluctant to accept further quote...
Wednesday 1 September 2021
DDI prices likely to stop rising in 4Q21
Display driver IC (DDI) prices have been rising, buoying suppliers' sales and profitability thus far this year. But prices are likely to stop increasing in the fourth quarter of 2021,...
Wednesday 7 July 2021
Memory module makers to embrace strong 3Q21
Memory module makers are poised to embrace brisk results in the third quarter of 2021, when the supply of memory chips remains tight, according to industry sources.
Wednesday 2 June 2021
PCB makers see order momentum stay strong for notebooks
PCB makers continue to see strong order momentum for notebook applications in the second half of the year, and are poised to make rolling updates to their quotes as prices of upstream...
Tuesday 20 April 2021
Taiwan Mask poised to raise prices in 2Q21
Photomask supplier Taiwan Mask has seen a strong influx of rush orders, and is poised to raise its quotes in the second quarter, with the prospect for the company to see a 25% revenue...
Tuesday 9 March 2021
Fabless IC firms facing quote hikes at backend partners
Taiwan's IC designers are facing increasingly tight capacity and resultant quote hikes at their backend partners though foundry capacity they booked in fourth-quarter 2020 are being...
Tuesday 12 January 2021
Notebook ODMs mull price hikes
Notebook ODMs are considering hiking their quotes to reflect rising costs of components, transportation and other expenses, according to market sources.