Friday 5 February 2010
Gigabyte launches P55 motherboard stuffed with extras
Gigabyte has launched a new flagship motherboard for the Intel P55 chipset platform, the GA-P55A-UD7, which continues the tradition of the company's UD7-series of packing as many...
Wednesday 4 November 2009
MSI launches its first gaming motherboard
Micro-Star International (MSI) has unveiled a gaming motherboard, the Big Bang Trinergy, based on Intel's P55 platform.
Wednesday 16 September 2009
Intel sets shipment goal for new desktop CPUs
Intel has internally set a shipment goal of one million Lynnfield (Core i5 and i7) CPUs for desktops by the end of 2009, according to industry sources.
Tuesday 8 September 2009
First-tier motherboard makers launch P55-based motherboards
First-tier motherboard makers Micro-Star International (MSI), Gigabyte Technology and Asustek Computer have launched their Intel P55-based motherboards.
Monday 31 August 2009
Taiwan market: New Intel desktop platform to be announced on September 8
Intel's upcoming Core i5-750, Core i7-860 and Core i7-870 CPUs as well as P55 chipsets are expected to be announced on September 8, 2009, according to sources at motherboard makers...
Thursday 20 August 2009
Early sales of Core i5 and i7 CPUs unlikely to stop despite Intel warning, say sources
Although Intel is asking vendors to stop selling socket 1156-based CPUs - as well as P55-based motherboards - that it has not yet officially launched, retailers are unlikely to listen...
Wednesday 19 August 2009
Intel said to not include Braidwood in upcoming 5-series chipsets
Intel's upcoming 5-series chipsets will not support Braidwood technology, known as a successor to its Turbo Memory, according to sources at motherboard makers.
Monday 17 August 2009
Intel Core i5 and i7 CPUs already selling in some channels
Intel's socket 1156-based CPUs - Core i5-750, Core i7-860 and Core i7-870 - as well as Intel P55-based motherboards, are already available in small volumes in some retail channels...
Tuesday 11 August 2009
Nvidia SLI technology licensed for Intel P55 Express chipset
Nvidia has announced that Intel and motherboard manufacturers including Asustek Computer, EVGA, Gigabyte, and MSI, have all licensed Nvidia SLI technology for inclusion on their Intel...
Friday 24 July 2009
Asustek to see revenues increase 20% sequentially in 3Q09
Asustek Computer is expected to see its revenues grow 20% sequentially in third-quarter 2009, led by shipments of 1.4 million notebooks and 1.2 million netbooks, according estimates...
Friday 17 July 2009
Intel to unveil new product roadmap at IDF San Francisco
Intel is expected to unveil its new product roadmap as well as new technology innovations at the upcoming IDF to be held in San Francisco from September 22-24, according to market...
Monday 13 July 2009
Intel updates CPU launch schedule
Intel has updated its launch schedule for notebook-based Clarksfield CPUs, new CPUs for ultra-thin notebooks, desktop-based Lynnfield CPUs and several server CPUs, according to industry...
Friday 16 January 2009
Intel postpones the launch schedule of Lynnfield CPUs and P55 chipset
Intel has recently decided to postpone its next-generation mainstream CPU Lynnfield along with the P55 chipset to the end of August or the beginning of September this year, and may...
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