Monday 27 November 2023
OSE sees 2024 growth, thanks to NAND and AI servers
Orient Semiconductor Electronics, Ltd.(OSE), a matured logic IC and NAND Flash memory semiconductor packaging & testing service and electronic manufacturing service (EMS) provider,...
Tuesday 24 October 2023
Taiwan OSATs see partial fab utilization recovery
Several Taiwan-based OSATs, including ChipMOS Technologies, Lingsen Precision Industries, Orient Semiconductor Electronics (OSE), and Walton Advanced Engineering, have begun to see...
Friday 4 August 2023
Memory backend houses see influx of short lead-time orders
Memory backend specialists including Powertech Technology (PTI), ChipMOS Technologies and Orient Semiconductor Electronics (OSE) have received an influx of short lead-time orders...
Tuesday 25 July 2023
OSE sees EMS business bolstered by robust AI server demand
As inventory adjustments at semiconductor and electronics supply chains may persist into the fourth quarter of the year, many medium-sized OSATs are seeking different niches to bolster...
Tuesday 27 September 2022
ASEH to see production utilization drop in 4Q22
ASE Technology Holding (ASEH), which operates its backend operations mainly in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, will see its fab utilization rates loosen slightly in the fourth quarter...
Wednesday 22 June 2022
Second-tier OSATs see uncertainty in order visibility for 2H22
Unlike ASE Technology and other first-tier OSATs who still see robust order momentum from their IDM customers, smaller-size players including Greatek Electronics, Lingsen Precision...
Thursday 2 June 2022
Cutting DDI production orders not an easy deal: Q&A with Chipbond Technology chair Fei-Jain Wu
Taiwan-based Chipbond Technology, now holding the world's largest backend capacity for panel display driver ICs (DDI), continues to deepen cooperation with local OSAT Orient Semiconductor...
Tuesday 26 April 2022
ASE competing with leading foundries, IDMs in advanced packaging segment
With advanced 2.5D and 3D IC packaging technologies requiring a considerable amount of capex for R&D and manufacturing capabilities, there will be just a few players engaged in...
Friday 3 December 2021
ASE obtains major orders for new Qualcomm mobile SoC
Taiwan's leading backend house ASE Technology and its affiliate Siliconware Precision Industries (SPIL) have obtained major orders for processing Qualcomm's just-unveiled flagship...
Friday 10 September 2021
Taiwan OSATs install additional wire-bonding equipment
Taiwan OSATs, including ASE Technology, Greatek Electronics, Lingsen Precision Industries and Orient Semiconductor Electronics (OSE), have all begun to install additional wire-bonding...
Friday 3 September 2021
Backend firms see robust demand for MEMS microphones, audio ICs
Taiwan's backend houses including ASE Technology, Greatek Electronics, Orient Semiconductor Electronics (OSE), Lingsen Precision Industries and Taiwan IC Packaging have seen clear...
Tuesday 31 August 2021
Quotes for wirebonding packaging to rise in 1H22
Backend houses are expected to raise their quotes for wirebonding packaging in the first half of 2022 to reflect higher material costs, according to industry sources.
Tuesday 13 July 2021
Taiwan 2nd-tier OSATs to embrace bright prospects for 2H21
Taiwan's second-tier IC backend houses are set to embrace brisker business results for the second half of the year thanks to a significant surge in customer orders, after posting...
Wednesday 9 June 2021
OSATs to log full wire-bonding capacity utilization throughout 2021
Taiwan backend houses have seen clear order visibility for wire-bonding packaging services for notebook- and PC-use peripheral chips throughout 2021, while continuing to embrace strong...
Friday 21 May 2021
OSE to expand EMS services, boost partnership with Chipbond
Orient Semiconductor Electronics (OSE) is looking to scale up its EMS business beyond the electronics sector, while strengthening its collaboration with backend house Chipbond Technology...