Thursday 23 May 2024
Exploring the Synergy of Nanoelectronics, AI, and Quantum: Interview with General Chair of IEEE INEC 2025
IEEE INEC, which stands for IEEE International Nanoelectronics Conference, was initiated in 2006 when the field of nanoelectronics was emerging and will host its 2025 conference in...
Thursday 9 December 2010
Nanomaterials for solar cells grow 86% in 2010, says Information Network
In tandem with the ramp in solar cell manufacturing in 2010, the market for nanomaterials used in solar cells grew 86% in 2010 and is projected to grow another 31% in 2011, according...
Monday 8 December 2008
Nanomaterial demand will grow 40% in 2009, says The Information Network
Despite a sluggish forecast for the overall high-tech industry in 2009, nanomaterials consumption for electronics applications will grow 40% in 2009, according to The Information...