Monday 16 January 2023
Vendors not behind in releasing miniLED notebooks
Despiting the rising popularity of OLED panels among notebook brands, miniLED-based displays have also been expanding their presence in the notebook market.
Thursday 5 January 2023
Taiwan LED makers shift focus to COB miniLED backlighting
Taiwan-based LED makers intend to phase out production for POB (package on board) miniLED backlight units, shifting their focus to COB (chip on board) miniLED BLUs, according to industry...
Thursday 29 December 2022
MiniLED suppliers eyeing automotive applications
Suppliers of miniLED backlighting may take a hit if Apple adopts OLED screens for its iPad Pro, but they are turning their focus to automotive applications, according to industry...
Wednesday 28 December 2022
MicroLED, miniLED to drive ESD protection component demand
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection component demand is promising thanks to the growing demand for microLED- and miniLED-backlight displays, according to sources at Taiwan-based...
Tuesday 27 December 2022
EOI to ramp up shipments for large-size miniLED displays in 2023
LED automotive lighting module maker Excellence Optoelectronics (EOI) has kicked off small-volume shipments of its large-size miniLED fine-pitch display products for commercial and...
Tuesday 13 December 2022
Sanan raises CNY7.9 billion for capacity ramps
Sanan Optoelectronics, the largest China-based LED epitaxial wafer and chip maker, has raised a total of CNY7.9 billion (US$1.13 billion) and will utilize the proceeds to accelerate...
Monday 12 December 2022
Harvatek to focus on miniLED, microLED packaging in 2023
LED packaging service provider Harvatek will focus on miniLED and microLED in 2023, according to the company.
Tuesday 6 December 2022
Can Taiwan LED makers benefit from government-proposed tax incentives?
The Taiwan government has proposed an income tax credit to encourage R&D of innovative technologies and products as well as purchases of equipment used in advanced manufacturing...
Tuesday 6 December 2022
Demand for miniLED-backlit automotive displays to take off in 2023
While demand for TV- and IT-use miniLED-backlit TFT-LCD panels has significantly shrunk in 2022, demand for miniLED-backlit LTPS (low-temperature polysilicon) TFT-LCD panels used...
Monday 7 November 2022
Apple supplier Epistar confident of demand for miniLED chips
LED epitaxial wafer and chipmaker Epistar, in response to the report that Apple may replace miniLED-backlit LCD panels with OLED panels for the iPad Pro to be launched in 2024, is...
Wednesday 26 October 2022
China, Taiwan LED makers competing for mini LED backlighting of automotive displays
China-based Shenzhen Jufei Optoelectronics and Shenzhen Longli Technology as well as Taiwan-based Epistar and Everlight Electronics have been in active competition for orders for...
Tuesday 18 October 2022
Chinese manufacturers actively investing in mini/microLED
China-based makers have been actively investing in the supply chain of miniLED backlighting used in LCD panels and microLED displays, with more than 30 companies investing or planning...
Monday 17 October 2022
MiniLED is superior in VR while microLED in AR
Along with fast development of metaverse applications, display technology plays an important role. miniLED has gained the upper hand in head-mounted VR devices while microLED is expected...
Monday 17 October 2022
Meta Quest Pro solidifies miniLED place in VR devices
Meta's new VR headset Quest Pro comes equipped with high-resolution display performance that has solidified miniLED's place in high-end VR devices.
Tuesday 11 October 2022
Taiwan SMT enters Apple supply chain
Taiwan Surface Mounting Technology (Taiwan SMT) will undertake SMT process for mini LED backlighting of 12.9-inch iPad Pro and MacBook Pro, becoming an Apple supply chain maker for...