Friday 22 March 2024
Microsoft Taiwan unveils Model-as-a-Service and teases data center launch
During a forum hosted by Microsoft Taiwan spotlighting the AI assistant Copilot, the company's provision of Model-as-a-Service (MaaS), encompassing models from OpenAI was announced...
Wednesday 29 March 2023
Microsoft Taiwan GM: generative AI is not a bubble
The trend of generative AI has continued to spread, but will this trend run the risk of turning into a bubble, like the previous hot topic of the metaverse? In an interview, Microsoft...
Tuesday 22 November 2022
Focal point of industrial metaverse should be on applications, says Microsoft
Sean Pien, GM of Microsoft Taiwan, has pointed out that the focal point of industrial metaverse is not technology, but field application.
Friday 7 October 2022
Pegatron, Microsoft, Wave-In launch project for advanced communication technologies
Pegatron, Microsoft Taiwan, and Taiwan-based 5G solution specialist Wave-In Communication have jointly announced a partnership project for 5G O-RAN and enterprise satellite communication...
Monday 3 October 2022
Taiwanese IC designers strive to seize future trends
The supply chain has changed as competition between the US and China intensifies, but the Taiwan-based IC design industry has not been directly affected. At the start of the US-China...
Tuesday 14 June 2022
AWS to set up data center in Taiwan, sources say
Amazon Web Services (AWS) plans to construct its first data center in Taiwan, according to industry sources. Additionally, AWS recently announced the launch of AWS Local Zones in...
Thursday 23 December 2021
Supply-side constraints challenging education laptops supply, says Microsoft Taiwan
Supply-side constraints, rather than demand weakening, are challenging the global supply of education-use notebooks and tablets including Chromebooks and Microsoft's Surface Go series,...
Wednesday 3 March 2021
Microsoft Taiwan eyeing local medical care industry
Microsoft Taiwan plans to devote more resources to help promote Taiwan's medical care industry, according to the company's marketing and operations director Flora Chen.
Thursday 4 February 2021
Microsoft Taiwan promotes digital transformation in education
Microsoft Taiwan in January 2021 started first-phase Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer Program in a bid to drive digital transformation of primary and secondary education in the...
Wednesday 27 January 2021
Microsoft optimistic about business transformation in Taiwan
Ken Sun, president of Microsoft Taiwan, has expressed optimism about business transformation of Taiwan's enterprises, as its joint research with IDC shows that the maturity of Taiwan's...
Tuesday 3 November 2020
Around 15,000 servers needed for new Microsoft Azure datacenter in Taiwan
An estimated 15,000 servers will be needed to support Microsoft's new Azure datacenter that will be unveiled in Taiwan by the end of 2021 at the earliest, according to industry sou...
Tuesday 27 October 2020
Microsoft to build Azure datacenter, cloud hardware R&D team in Taiwan
Microsoft has announced plans to build a data center in Taiwan and grow a local team dedicated to the development of Azure cloud hardware and infrastructure, which is expected to...
Wednesday 14 October 2020
Microsoft accelerator links Taiwan startups to enterprises
Microsoft for Startup-Taiwan focuses on the role of matching startups with enterprises for the latter to help the former promote products and services, according to Peter Hu, CEO...
Thursday 20 August 2020
Microsoft to set up IoT center in Taiwan
Microsoft Taiwan COO Hedy Ho, at DevDay Asia 2020 Online, has announced the establishment of IoT Center of Excellence in Taiwan to provide an R&D field for 5G + AI + IoT and help...
Thursday 23 July 2020
Wistron, Microsoft Taiwan to jointly develop AI-based solutions
Wistron has announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft AI R&D Center in Taiwan to set up an office for jointly developing innovative products, mainly AI-based solutions...