Monday 25 September 2023
Made-in-China quality not good enough? Huawei buying up IDM memory products
After being sanctioned by the US in 2020, Huawei has never stopped using DRAM and NAND Flash products from integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) such as Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix,...
Thursday 15 December 2022
Orders for Taiwan equipment soar from China
The ongoing and escalating trade tensions between the US and China, and China's push for IC self-sufficiency, have made Taiwan-based semiconductor equipment makers among the largest...
Thursday 28 November 2019
Smart manufacturing trend rising in Southeast Asia
The trend of smart manufacturing has begun to spread in Southeast Asia as more manufacturers are looking to move some of their production lines away from China in the wake of the...
Wednesday 5 June 2019
Online shopping takes up 16.5% of retail sales in Taiwan in 2018, says MIC
Online shopping sales transaction value accounted for 16.5% of total retail sales value in Taiwan in 2018, up from 12.3% in 2014, according to Market Intelligence & Consulting...
Tuesday 15 January 2019
LINE Pay top mobile e-payment service provider in Taiwan in 2018, says MIC
LINE Pay was the largest mobile e-payment service provider in Taiwan in 2018 with a 22.3% market share, according to Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC).
Friday 21 September 2018
Vietnam boasts great ICT development potentials, says deputy MIC minister
Vietnam has a population of near 100 million and there are over 70 million handset and Internet users, providing a good foundation for stable development of the country's information...
Wednesday 22 February 2017
Taiwan makers to ship 1.2 million VR HMD devices in 2017, says MIC
Taiwan's shipments of VR head-mounted display (HMD) devices, including ODM models, are expected to reach 1.2 million units in 2017, according to Market Intelligence and Consulting...
Thursday 2 February 2017
China MIC 2025 results for ICs likely to fall short of its goals, says IC Insights
China's government has a long-term goal to become self-sufficient with regards to IC devices. Its "Made in China 2025" (MIC 2025) plan was published by the China State Council...
Wednesday 25 January 2017
Taiwan wearable product shipments to account for 42% of global shipments in 2018, says MIC
The ratio of Taiwan's shipments of smart wearable devices, mainly smartwatches and bracelets, to global shipments will grow from 39% in 2016 to 42% in 2018 and further increase to...
Monday 1 February 2016
Patent deployment of smart manufacturing vendors focuses on computer technology, control, and measurement, says MIC
Faced with the ever-changing global trends and markets, companies around the world are keen to develop innovative technologies and seek patent protection to safeguard their R&D...
Friday 22 January 2016
Average panel size increases in 4Q15, says MIC
Large-area LCD panels have been widely used for three major applications: notebooks, monitors and TVs. The global large-area LCD panel industry had a shipment volume of 148.4 million...
Wednesday 20 January 2016
US companies take up 58% of the patent share on smart home energy management, says MIC
In recent years, energy conservation has risen up the global agenda, putting HEM (Home Energy Management) front and center in smart home energy technologies. Major countries have...
Tuesday 15 December 2015
Virtual reality investments total US$200 million in 1H15, says MIC
The Oculus acquisition by Facebook for US$2 billion in 2014 has triggered an investment spree for VR (virtual reality). According to MIC, of the total investment value of US$800 million...
Friday 20 November 2015
China Internet TV brands show lower sentiment rankings than traditional TV brands despite online popularity, says MIC
The top-10 LCD TV brands on online stores Tmall and JD during 15 May 2015 and August 2015 were: TCL, Changhong, Hisense, Sharp, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, LeTV, Sony, Skyworth...
Monday 24 August 2015
Worldwide 4K LCD TV panel shipments grow 61% in 2Q15, says MIC
Worldwide Ultra HD (4K) LCD TV panel shipment volume grew 60.8% sequentially in the second quarter of 2015, reaching around 9.2 million units, according to MIC.
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