Friday 15 December 2023
Digital medicine for brain health is possible by playing games
Leveraging machine learning and AI, Orange Neurosciences has developed a game-based therapy platform for cognitive assessment.
Thursday 7 December 2023
Canada's Clarius eyes the Asian market with handheld ultrasound scanners armed with cutting-edge AMD chips
Established in 2014, Clarius, a Canada-based company with 150 staff around the world, made waves in the medical imaging realm with the introduction of one of the pioneering handheld...
Monday 4 December 2023
Canadian startup Polytone Laser is changing the landscape of cancer treatment
In the realm of medical technology, Montreal-based startup Polytone Laser has emerged as a pioneer, spearheading a revolutionary approach to the treatment of solid tumors and other...
Monday 23 October 2023
ASUS VivoWatch obtains TFDA, ISO 13485 certifications
Medical care devices are closely relevant to human health. Therefore, all countries have very stringent standards when it comes to medical devices. ASUS VivoWatch boasts "electrocardiogram...
Monday 31 July 2023
Compal crosses over to smart medical; obtains Thai FDA certification
Compal's smart medical subsidiary Shennona recently announced that the handheld ultrasound device of Compal Group member Aco Healthcare has successfully obtained a certification from...
Monday 17 April 2023
FPCB maker Complex Micro deepens deployments in auto, medical apps
Taiwan-based flexible PCB (FPCB) maker Complex Micro Interconnection (CMI) is on track to strengthen deployments in automotive and medical applications to secure new growth momentum,...
Tuesday 7 February 2023
TINVA optimistic about Taiwanese startups developments in ESG, semiconductors, medical devices, smart manufacturing
Taiwanese startups can no longer involve in "me-too" or "me-better" businesses, but must plan ahead and develop "me-only" technologies. The reasons are because the scales of Taiwanese...
Wednesday 1 February 2023
OLT Footcare aims to bring custom foot orthotics to clinics using 3D printing and iPhone's Face ID
OLT Footcare (TDL Systems), a Canadian foot orthotics manufacturer based out of Windsor, Ontario, is looking to bring its custom manufacturing solutions to even more markets. Utilizing...
Monday 31 October 2022
IRegained seeking to commercialize hand rehabilitation system with CTA and TMU
IRegained, a Canadian digital neurotherapeutics startup is advancing its post-stroke hand rehabilitation device, the MyHand System, towards commercialization...
Tuesday 31 May 2022
Malaysia has successfully lured in over RM 16.52 billion in investment
Malaysia has successfully lured in several deals from both the US and Taiwanese companies, which is expected to boost business and the country's economy.
Thursday 17 February 2022
Foxconn, tBPC, ITRI partner up to advance telemedicine
The Taiwan Integrated Biomedical Industrial Center (TIBIC), under the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT), facilitated the signing of a...
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