Out in Front
Friday 3 December 2021
Vehicle-as-a-service platform optimizes fleet management and EV adoption: Interview with Autofleet
The rise of "mobility-as-a-service" or "vehicle-as-a-service," such as car rental services, car sharing, or ridesharing services, not only provides people with more alternative ways...
Friday 19 November 2021
Digitalizing textile supply chain
The importance of digital textiles in today's garment industry cannot be overstated. That is why it is important that the supply chain also digitalize. This was the focus of the second...
Friday 19 November 2021
Textile industry goes digital
The fashion industry is moving toward a more digitalized future, one that promotes improved efficiency and sustainability. This was the focus of the first day of the 2021 World Digital...
Monday 15 November 2021
OSATs for handset 3D sensors, CIS see revenues fall in October
Taiwan-based backend houses Xintec and VisEra, both in the supply chain of 3D sensors for iPhone 13 series, saw their October revenues fall sequentially on a slowdown in shipments...
Friday 12 November 2021
Highlights of the day: SMIC sees management shakeup
China-based SMIC has seen a shakeup in its top management, with company vice chairman Chiang Shang-yi - supposed to...
Friday 12 November 2021
Nan Ya PCB expects double-digit revenue growth in 2022
Taiwan-based Nan Ya PCB is optimistic that its 2022 revenues will register another double-digit growth on new ABF and BT production capacities gradually coming online.
Friday 5 November 2021
Compeq to expand HDI production capacity at China plant in 2022
Compeq Manufacturing has decided to further expand its capacity for high-end HDI PCB at its manufacturing base in Chongqing, China next year to meet persistently strong demand for...
Friday 5 November 2021
TWNIC IPv6 promotion seminar discusses cloud transformation and network management using IPv6
The Internet has become an irreplaceable part of modern life, but our dependence on it has also exacerbated the problem of insufficient address spaces under the IPv4 protocol. To...
Friday 29 October 2021
DataVan launches DataVan Central for endpoint management
DataVan, the world-renowned POS terminal provider, announced the launch of DataVan Central, an UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) solution connecting multiple DataVan devices through...
Friday 22 October 2021
Shortage of PWM ICs prompts suppliers to transition to 12-inch wafer manufacturing
The supply of handset-use power management ICs remains severely tight, prompting the chip suppliers to transition to 12-inch wafer manufacturing, according to industry sources.
Friday 22 October 2021
Supply-side factors may constrain 5G smartphone shipment growth in 2022
Supply-side factors, including particulary shortages of power management IC (PMIC) and other components as well as power cuts in China, are very likely to constrain the overall 5G...
Friday 22 October 2021
A comprehensive rental platform that greatly reduces operating costs of rental management companies
Southeast Asia, which has been experiencing rapid economic growth in recent years, has become a popular real estate investment target for foreign investors. With the high housing...
Thursday 21 October 2021
IC design houses see clients increasingly reluctant to accept price hikes
Taiwan-based IC design houses, particularly those engaged in consumer ICs, have come under increasing pressure to maintain their quotes for 2022 as customers are more reluctant to...
Tuesday 19 October 2021
IC design houses set to continue stockpiling specific chips
IC design houses intend to continue scaling up their inventory levels for specific chips or applications, despite a recent slowdown in end-market demand for consumer devices, according...
Monday 18 October 2021
Brand vendors under pressure to raise new notebook prices
Notebook brands are facing the pressure of reflecting the extra costs from components, production and logistics on the prices of their new notebooks, according to sources from the...
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