Wednesday 21 September 2022
Ledtech strives to maintain gross margin
LED packaging service provider Ledtech Electronics intends to keep its gross margin stable in the second half of 2022, during which revenue will likely come below that for the first...
Friday 16 September 2022
APCB expects revenue growth in 2H22
Advanced Printed Circuit Board (APCB), which specializes in niche-market PCBs, expects sales growth to resume in the second half of 2022 thanks to its fulfillment of short lead-time...
Wednesday 31 August 2022
Harvatek expanding IC packaging biz
LED packaging service provider Harvatek will continue expanding its IC packaging capacity, expecting its IC packaging business to account for 15% of revenue by 2023 compared to less...
Monday 6 June 2022
Demand for LED outdoor displays slips due to China lockdown
Demand for large-size LED outdoor displays has shrunk since April 2022 due to COVID lockdowns in China, with LED device shipments having slipped 20% and LED chip prices having dropped...
Wednesday 18 May 2022
Everlight expects automotive miniLED BLU shipments to rise in 2H22
LED chipmaker Everlight Electronics expects shipments of its miniLED backlight units (BLU) for automotive displays to rise in the second half of 2022, when its Taiwan production capacity...
Tuesday 17 May 2022
LED firm Brightek cautious about 2Q22
LED packaging specialist Brightek Optoelectronic has expressed caution about its business prospects for the second quarter, when sales are expected to hit bottom for 2022.
Tuesday 1 February 2022
LED packaging specialist Brightek diversifying biz: Q&A with company chairman Jack Huang
The focus of Brightek Optoelectronic has been on LED packaging, and the company intends to differentiate its offering from fellow makers' offerings by integrating LED chips with ICs...
Thursday 23 December 2021
Everlight to begin production of smart automotive LED devices in 2Q22
LED packaging service provider Everlight Electronics has disclosed it has developed SMART (smart multi-function automotive RGB technology) devices integrating driver ICs with LED...
Monday 23 August 2021
Demand for photo couplers remains high in 2H21
Photo couplers have been in strong demand since early 2021 and the robust demand will remain in the second half of 2021, with shipments for orders scheduled until the end of the year,...
Friday 21 May 2021
Edison Opto expects automotive revenues to double in 2021
LED module and packaging service provider Edison Opto expects its sales for automotive applications to double in 2021 from a year earlier, which will help boost its gross margin to...
Monday 3 May 2021
Eternal Materials sees increasing shipments for miniLED packaging sealant
Eternal Materials has seen shipments increasing for silicone-based sealant used in miniLED packaging amid growing demand for miniLED backlighting, according to industry sources.
Friday 9 April 2021
Lijing Microelectronics to expand miniLED packaging capacity ahead of schedule
China-based Lijing Microelectronics Technology (Jiangsu) will expand monthly miniLED packaging capacity to 800 million chips by the end of May 2021, seven months ahead of schedule,...
Wednesday 17 March 2021
Passive component materials vendors upbeat about 1H21
Taiwan's passive component materials suppliers are expected to embrace a particularly strong first-half in 2021 thanks to robust demand for notebook, handset, networking and automotive...
Thursday 21 January 2021
Everlight uses LED lighting to enhance color of strawberries
Everlight Electronics has provided LED horticultural lighting using specific spectrums for an organic strawberry farm in northern Taiwan to enhance strawberries' color transcription...
Tuesday 29 December 2020
Everlight expanding IR, UV-C LED packaging capacity
Everlight Electronics has expanded monthly packaging capacity for IR and UV-C LED devices by 200 million chips, reaching more than one billion chips in total in 2020, and will further...
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