Wednesday 20 October 2010
iPad impact not serious, says Acer chairman
Acer chairman JT Wang, at a recent summit in Taiwan, commented that the competitive impact of iPad upon notebooks is not as serious as many people have imagined and demand for netbooks...
Thursday 14 October 2010
Motherboard makers conservative about 4Q10 despite good Intel performance
Despite that Intel expects its revenues to grow 4% sequentially in the fourth quarter of 2010, sources from motherboard makers remain conservative about demand in the fourth quarter...
Wednesday 15 September 2010
Acer chairman expects over 50 million tablet PC shipments every year, says paper
Acer chairman JT Wang has said that he expects annual tablet PC shipments to surpass 50 million units in the next three years, according to a Chinese-language Commercial Times...
Tuesday 24 August 2010
Acer chairman give his encouragement to AUO
Commenting on Taiwan panel maker AU Optronics' (AUO's) recent lawsuits with the US DOJ, Acer chairman JT Wang, at a government-held conference, encouraged the company and said he...
Tuesday 24 August 2010
Annual global demand for tablet PCs to rise to 50 million units in 2-3 years, says Acer chairman
As demand for smart handheld devices continues to grow, global sales of tablet PCs are expected to quickly increase to 50 million units per year in 2-3 years, with open-platform vendors...
Monday 23 August 2010
Acer chairman expects iPad market share to drop to 20%, says paper
In a Chinese-language interview with the Economic Daily News (EDN), JT Wang, chairman of Acer, said that he expects Apple's iPad market share to drop from close...
Wednesday 2 June 2010
WiMAX to remain feasible for at least 10 more years, says Acer chairman
In response to worries about the outlook of WiMAX, chairman JT Wang for both Acer and the Taipei Computer Association (TCA) has stressed that there is still large room for development...
Thursday 20 May 2010
Acer chairman says financial crisis in Europe not very serious
Acer chairman JT Wang has refuted market watchers' forecasts that Acer is likely to reduce its operating goals for the second quarter due to the financial crisis in Europe, and said...
Friday 30 April 2010
Acer chairman demands higher margins; launching new internet devices
Acer has posted a 9.7% gross margin and 2.7% operating margin for the first quarter of 2010, but company chairman JT Wang indicated that Acer's margins need to increase to over 10%...
Friday 30 April 2010
HP to develop WebOS for IT services and tablet PCs, say Acer chairman and Digitimes analysts
Acer chairman JT Wang said in a recent interview that he believes Hewlett Packard's acquisition of Palm is not purely for smartphone development, but to also strengthen its push into...
Friday 9 April 2010
Acer 1Q10 operating margin to be higher than 2009 average, says chairman
Acer expects its operating margin for the first quarter of 2010 to be higher than 2.67%, the average in 2009, despite recent increases in DRAM prices and appreciation of the NT dollar,...
Tuesday 23 March 2010
Acer notebook shipments to surge in 2H10 benefiting by enterprise market, says Acer chairman
Acer expects its notebook shipments will see significant growth in the second half of 2010 due to recovery in the enterprise PC market, while the company's shipments in the second...
Friday 12 March 2010
Taiwan premier turns down Acer chairman over tax incentive
Taiwan premier Wu Den-yih, at a meeting with Acer chairman JT Wang last week, turned down Wang's suggestion of keeping proposals to offer tax incentives to global top-500 enterprises...
Wednesday 9 December 2009
Acer chairman blames HP and Dell for poor ultra-thin notebook sales
Acer chairman JT Wang believes ultra-thin notebooks with long battery-lives will be the future trend in the notebook industry and he recently urged Intel, which plans to mainly push...
Wednesday 2 December 2009
Acer to launch Chrome OS netbook in 2H10
Acer plans to launch a Google Chrome operating system-based netbook, which the company has been developing since mid-2009 in the second half of 2010, according to industry sources.