Wednesday 13 September 2023
China's lithium battery firms set up shop in the US despite IRA 2022
The tax incentives of the US Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) are luring lithium battery supply chains to swiftly set up shop in the country, gradually disrupting the initial...
Friday 6 January 2023
PV module imports hurt Taiwan suppliers, says SAS
Solar cell and photovoltaic (PV) module makers in Taiwan have seen their operations threatened by more imports from Southeast Asia, according to Doris Hsu, chairperson of Sino-American...
Wednesday 23 November 2022
LG Chem to build largest battery material plant in Tennessee, eyeing US subsidies
As the US is eager to build its EV supply chain to reduce its reliance on China, LG Chem joined the ranks in expanding investments and building its largest cathode material plant...
Monday 7 November 2022
South Korea and Japan ask US to loosen EV tax credits requirements
South Korean and Japanese governments have officially offered their comments on the revised EV tax credits rules of the US. South Korea urged America to postpone the law until 2025,...
Friday 21 October 2022
Inflation Reduction Act has corporations worldwide looking to participate in the lithium battery sector
The lithium battery sector has become the hottest due to the US recently passing the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA). The IRA is aiming to fight inflation with green energy...