Monday 9 November 2020
AaaS essential to digital transformation of small- to mid-size firms: Q&A with AIMS director Chien Chen-fu
Small- to medium-size manufacturers are important to Taiwan's economy, but most of them lack the human resources and cannot afford the expensive equipment and services needed for...
Wednesday 4 November 2020
Malaysia and Taiwan engage in industrial collaborations to drive AIoT in Southeast Asia
Under the efforts of the New South Bound Policy, Taiwan and Malaysia engage in active industrial collaborations to create win-win partnerships that foster the sharing of experiences...
Tuesday 3 November 2020
Cryptography everywhere: Q&A with Chain Reaction CEO Alon Webman and CTO Oren Yokev
Less than one year after Mellanox was acquired by Nvidia for US$7 billion, Alon Webman, co-founder of Mellanox, started his second entrepreneurial project. The new company, Chain...
Wednesday 28 October 2020
TMU-KMU medical tech business matchmaking event spurs industry-academia communication
Taiwan maintains a leading edge in medical technologies with a myriad of academic research teams working on projects producing valuable achievements. However, these achievements have...
Tuesday 27 October 2020
BSOS develops blockchain tools
BSOS has developd BridgeX enterprise tool for practicing blockchain, and Suplex platform for polycentric business ecosystem, according to the company.
Tuesday 27 October 2020
SPARK Taiwan helps TMU medical startup teams commercialize research results
Keeping abreast with rapid advances in medical care technologies around the world, the Taiwan government has been actively fostering domestic university research projects. As part...
Tuesday 27 October 2020
Leosys AI mobile eye care solution taps smart healthcare opportunities in Southeast Asia
Leosys began its efforts in 2014 to develop an AI-based preventive healthcare platform for ophthalmoscopic eye exam through a collaboration project with Industrial Technology Research...
Friday 23 October 2020
Gogolook invested by WIN Semiconductors
Taiwan-based Gogolook, the developer of Whoscall fraud prevention app that identifies phone callers, has obtained investment from GaAs wafer foundry service provider WIN Semiconductors,...
Thursday 22 October 2020
Fashion Intelligence strengthens applications for rural healthcare and epidemic prevention with IoT positioning services
In operation for a decade, Fashion Intelligence has been developing smart services on the basis of IoT positioning technologies in recent years. For example, Fashion Intelligence...
Wednesday 21 October 2020
Blockchain to add US$1.76 trillion to global GDP over 2021-2030, says PwC Taiwan
PwC Taiwan has published a report predicting blockchain technology will add a total of US$1.76 trillion to GDP of all countries around the world during the 2021-2030 decade.
Wednesday 21 October 2020
Promoting trust in AI: Q&A with Intel data-centric tech evangelist Abigail Hing Wen
Abigail Hing Wen is the data-centric tech evangelist and AI podcast host for Intel. Beside her work at Intel, she has multiple identities: a lawyer in venture capital, a leader in...
Monday 19 October 2020
Startups develop AI manufacturing solutions
NADI System, Memorence AI and Verdigris Technologies have developed AI-based solutions for manufacturing.
Thursday 15 October 2020
Taiwan has to develop competitive smart medical care, says university president
Taiwan has to concentrate resources in developing a smart medical care sector with its own characteristics and international competitiveness, with electronic medical devices and telemedicine...
Thursday 15 October 2020
Smart manufacturing alliance formed in Taiwan
Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI) and Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (TEEMA) have jointly established a smart manufacturing alliance to...
Wednesday 14 October 2020
Microsoft accelerator links Taiwan startups to enterprises
Microsoft for Startup-Taiwan focuses on the role of matching startups with enterprises for the latter to help the former promote products and services, according to Peter Hu, CEO...