Monday 16 May 2011
ASML to ship 10 EUV tools in 2012
ASML has received 10 orders for its next-generation ultraviolet (EUV) lithography system – the NXE:3300 – with deliveries starting in 2012, according to the Dutch fab...
Friday 7 January 2011
Lithography back on track as dominant chip gear, says Information Network
After a plunge to 16% of the semiconductor equipment market in 2009, the lithography sector surged in 2010 to a 26.5% share of the global market, according to The Information Netwo...
Monday 27 December 2010
Commentary: Financially-strapped Taiwan DRAM makers have difficulties migrating to sub-20nm processes
Taiwan-based DRAM makers will find themselves at a disadvantage to migrate their production to 20nm and below processes, as they struggle to preserve cash for the expenses needed...
Thursday 14 October 2010
Winbond takes delivery of immersion scanner for 40nm-class chips, says paper
Winbond Electronics recently took delivery of its first immersion lithography scanner, which is designed for 12-inch wafers at the 40nm-class node and beyond, according to a Chinese-language...
Wednesday 8 September 2010
Taiwan DRAM makers hampered by immersion scanner shortage
With a shortage on ASML's NXT:1950i, some Taiwan-based DRAM manufacturers will not receive shipments of the equipment for another 12 months, which is hampering their transition beyond...
Tuesday 10 August 2010
Supply-side constraints may cause DRAM shortage in 2H10, says iSuppli
Two issues potentially might negatively impact second-half DRAM availability and push what is left of the year into undersupply, according to iSuppli. Bottlenecks in the availability...
Wednesday 21 July 2010
Taiwan DRAM makers still queuing for latest ASML systems
The lead time for ASML's latest immersion system, the NXT:1950i, has been extended to almost 12 months, prompting some Taiwan-based DRAM makers to switch to alternative products,...
Wednesday 14 July 2010
ASML sees record 2010 revenues
With chip customers becoming more aggressive about capital spending, ASML now expects net sales for 2010 to grow 10-15% above its historical peak level of 3.8 billion euros (US$4.8...
Monday 14 June 2010
ASML adds staff to meet surge in orders
Lithography equipment supplier ASML has rehired 700 employees that were previously laid off, as well as recruiting several hundreds of new staff, to meet a big surge in demand for...
Monday 24 May 2010
Nanya, Inotera said to raise 2010 capex again
DRAM makers Nanya Technology and Inotera Memories are planning to raise their capex again this year to come close to a combined total of NT$100 billion (US$3.1 billion), according...
Wednesday 12 May 2010
Rexchip postpones transfer to 45nm process
Due to delivery delays of immersion scanners, DRAM maker Rexchip Electronics will postpone transferring its capacity of 80,000 12-inch wafers to a 45nm process, according to the company...
Thursday 6 May 2010
Inotera buys equipment from ASML
DRAM maker Inotera Memories has reported the purchase of NT$5.934 billion (US$188.8 million) worth of semiconductor equipment from lithography equipment vendor ASML, according to...
Wednesday 14 April 2010
TSMC acquires equipment from ASML
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has announced the purchase of equipment worth NT$2.06 billion (US$66 million) from ASML, which supplies lithography systems.
Tuesday 13 April 2010
Winbond on track to exit commodity DRAM market, says spokesperson
Winbond Electronics is confident that it will successfully transform into a niche DRAM and NOR flash maker in 2010, and gradually withdraw from the mainstream DRAM market, according...
Tuesday 30 March 2010
ProMOS, Rexchip ramping production on 63nm for Elpida DDR3 chips
ProMOS Technologies has started trial runs on 63nm for Elpida Memory DDR3 products, while Rexchip Electronics is set to significantly ramp up chip production using the same node prior...
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