Out in Front
Wednesday 26 April 2017
Taiwan market: Bank launches AI financial advisory services
E.Sun Bank has launched AI (artificial intelligence) ChatBot financial advisory services in the Taiwan market through cooperation with IBM Taiwan and LINE.
Tuesday 30 August 2016
IBM Taiwan expects growth potential in Taiwan, says executive
IBM Taiwan hardware business general manager Nelson Lee expects the company to still have a lot of room for growth in the Taiwan hardware market; however, instead of purely selling...
Friday 19 February 2016
IBM Taiwan to request parent company set up local data center
In order to strengthen marketing of cloud services in the Taiwan market, IBM Taiwan will request its US headquarters to establish a data center either on its own or through cooperation...
Wednesday 11 September 2013
IBM to invest US$1 billion to develop x86 server products over next 3 years
IBM is planning to invest US$1 billion to strengthen and improve its System x product line hoping to grab future business opportunities in the high-density server market, according...
Thursday 18 October 2012
Taiwan market: IBM promoting PureFlex System
IBM has been promoting sales of its PureFlex System, a fully integrated system with unified management of computing, storage, networking and virtualization resources, in the Taiwan...
Friday 6 July 2012
China-based telecom equipment vendors poised to launch enterprise tablet PCs, says IBM Taiwan
While international vendors are preparing to launch Windows 8 consumer tablet PCs later in the second half of 2012, China-based vendors of telecom equipment are poised to launch enterprise...
Thursday 11 March 2010
Taiwan market: IBM to launch eX5-series servers at the end of March
IBM Taiwan will launch its eX5-series servers featuring IBM's MAX5 chipset which can support six-times the capacity of the current maximum memory allocation of 256GB, according to...
Thursday 4 February 2010
Taiwan market: IBM to use PaaS to help ISVs operate SaaS
IBM will provide its PaaS (platform as a service) infrastructure to help ISVs in the Taiwan market set up SaaS (software as a service) architectures and provide cloud-based services,...
Friday 13 November 2009
Taiwan market: IBM, III to jointly set up Smart City Demo Center to tout government IT procurement
IBM and the Taiwan government-sponsored Institute for Information Industry (III) on November 12 jointly announced their cooperation to establish a Smart City Demo Center in Taipei...
Thursday 21 May 2009
IBM Taiwan reportedly to lay off 100 employees later this month
IBM Taiwan reportedly will lay off around 100 full-time and contract-based employees from late May to early June, according to industry sources.